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Passed House amended (09/10/1984)

(Measure passed House, amended)

Abandoned Shipwreck Act of 1984 - States that the United States asserts title to any abandoned shipwreck that is: (1) substantially buried in submerged lands of a State; (2) in coralline formations on submerged lands of, and protected by, a State; or (3) on submerged lands of a State when listed, or eligible for listing, on the National Register and the public is given adequate notice of the site location. Provides for the transfer of title from the United States to the State in whose submerged lands a shipwreck (as described in the previous sentence) is located. States that any abandoned shipwreck on U.S. public lands (except the outer Continental Shelf) is U.S. property.

States that: (1) the law of salvage does not apply to abandoned shipwrecks to which this Act applies; and (2) this Act does not change any U.S. shipwreck laws, other than those to which this Act applies.

Requires the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to publish advisory guidelines for the protection of shipwrecks and properties in order to: (1) assist the Government and States in developing legislation and regulations to carry out this Act; and (2) allow for recreational and educational exploration of shipwreck sites and private recovery of shipwrecks that is noninjurious to the shipwreck and surrounding environment.