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Passed Senate amended (08/09/1984)

(Measure passed Senate, amended)

Authorizes appropriations to the Secretary of the Interior for FY 1985 through 1989 to assist States in carrying on the work of a competent and qualified mining and mineral resources research institute at one public college or university (or private college or university if a State does not have an eligible public college or university) in the State meeting eligibility requirements. Provides that appropriated funds shall be made available for grants to be matched on a basis of no less than one and one-half non-Federal dollars for each Federal dollar during FY 1985 and 1986 and no less than two non-Federal dollars for each Federal dollar during FY 1987 through 1989. Requires each institute to plan and conduct research, investigations, demonstrations, and experiments in relation to mining and mineral resources, and to provide for the training of mineral engineers and scientists through such research, investigations, demonstrations, and experiments.

Authorizes appropriations to the Secretary for FY 1985 through 1989 which shall be made available to institutes to meet the necessary expenses of: (1) specific mineral research and demonstration projects of broad application which could not otherwise be undertaken; and (2) research into any aspects of mining and mineral resources problems related to the mission of the Department of the Interior which are not otherwise being studied. Requires an institute's application for funds to state the nature of the project to be undertaken, the period during which it will be pursued, the qualifications of the personnel who will direct and conduct it, the estimated costs, the project's importance, the extent to which the project will provide opportunity for the training of mining and mineral engineers and scientists, and the extent of participation by nongovernmental sources. Requires the Committee on Mining and Mineral Resources Research (established by this Act) to review all such funding applications and make recommendations to the Secretary. Prohibits funds made available under this Act from being used to lease or purchase land, or to rent or purchase any building.

Sets forth funding criteria. Requires each institute to: (1) set forth its plan to provide for the training of individuals as mineral engineers and scientists; (2) set forth policies and procedures to assure that Federal funds made available under this Act will supplement and, to the extent practicable, increase the level of funds that would, in the absence of such Federal funds, be made available for purposes of this Act, and in no case supplant such funds; and (3) report annually to the Secretary concerning amounts received under this Act and projects undertaken pursuant to this Act. Encourages institutes to conduct programs in cooperation with each other and with other agencies and individuals.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) prescribe necessary rules and regulations; (2) report to Congress annually concerning the receipts, expenditures, and work of the institutes in all States under the provisions of this Act; and (3) on or before July 1 of each year beginning after the date of enactment of this Act, ascertain whether each institute has met the funding criteria.

Prohibits anything in this Act from being construed to authorize Federal control of education at any college or university.

Directs the Secretary to assure that programs authorized by this Act are not redundant with respect to established mining and minerals research programs. Authorizes appropriations necessary to print and publish the results of activities carried out by institutes under this Act and for administrative planning and direction.

Directs the Secretary to establish a center for cataloging current and projected scientific research in all fields of mining and mineral resources.

Directs the President to clarify agency responsibility for Federal mining and mineral resources research and provide interagency coordination of such research.

Directs the Secretary to appoint a Committee on Mining and Mineral Resources Research to consult with and make recommendations to the Secretary on all matters relating to mining and mineral resources research as required by this Act. Requires the Committee to: (1) develop a national plan for research and development in mining and mineral resources and to formulate and recommend a program to implement the plan utilizing resources provided for under this Act; and (2) submit such plan to the Secretary, the President, and Congress by March 1, 1986, and update the plan annually.

Requires the Committee to determine the eligibility of a college or university to participate as a mining and mineral resources research institute under this Act using criteria which include: (1) the presence of a substantial program of graduate instruction and research in mining or mineral extraction or closely related fields which has a demonstrated history of achievement; (2) evidence of institutional commitment for the purposes of this Act; (3) evidence that such institution has or can obtain significant industrial cooperation in activities within the scope of this Act; and (4) the presence of an engineering program in mining or minerals extraction that is accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology, or evidence of equivalent institutional capability as determined by the Committee.