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Passed Senate amended (09/21/1984)

(Measure passed Senate, amended)

Title I -National Bureau of Standards Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1985 - Authorizes appropriations to the Secretary of Commerce to carry out activities performed by the Bureau of Standards (the Bureau) for FY 1985, including: (1) measurement research and standards; (2) engineering measurements and standards; (3) computer science and technology; (4) Center for Fire Research; (5) core measurement research for new technologies; (6) technical competence fund; and (7) central technical support.

Authorizes additional appropriations for FY 1985 for: (1) excess foreign currency expenses incurred by the Bureau; (2) the Office of Productivity, Technology, and Innovation; and (3) necessary salary, retirement, and benefits adjustments.

Requires that sufficient income from the Working Capital Fund remain outside the general fund of the Treasury to ensure the availability of working capital necessary to replace equipment and inventories for the Bureau.

Requires that for calibration services, standard reference materials, and other comparable services of the Bureau be at least sufficient to recover the Bureau's operating costs.

Designates the rate of compensation of the Director of the Bureau to be at level IV of the Executive Schedule.

Authorizes the Bureau, after consultation with local authorities, to investigate the causes of structural failures in public structures.

Title II: Amendments to the Act of May 10, 1950 - Amends the National Science Foundation Act of 1950 to direct the National Science Foundation (Foundation) to: (1) initiate and support fundamental engineering research and education programs through contracts, grants, loans, and other forms of assistance; (2) foster the interchange of engineering information among scientists in the United States and foreign countries; (3) foster and support the development and use of computer and other scientific technologies, primarily for research and education in engineering; (4) evaluate the status and needs of the engineering field; (5) maintain a central clearinghouse for the collection and analysis of engineering resource data; (6) initiate and maintain a program for the determination of the total amount of money by grant, contract, or other arrangement from U.S. agencies for engineering research; (7) initiate and support engineering activities relating to international cooperation, national security, and its effect upon society through contracts, grants, loans, and other forms of assistance; and (8) initiate and support engineering research at academic and other nonprofit institutions and applied scientific research when relevant to national problems in the public interest.

Requires the National Science Board and the Director of the Foundation to recommend and encourage the promotion of research and education in science and engineering.

Requires the Foundation to strenghten research and education in engineering and to avoid undue concentration in such areas.

Requires persons with engineering backgrounds to be nominated for appointment as members to the Board. Requires the President to give due consideration to: (1) equitable representation of women and minority engineers when making such nominations; and (2) any recommendations for nomination submitted to him by the National Academy of Engineering or other engineering organizations.

Authorizes the Foundation, within specified limits, to: (1) award scholarships and graduate fellowships for study and research in the sciences or in engineering at appropriate nonprofit American or foreign institutions; (2) enter into contracts or other arrangements for engineering activities and such activities relating to international cooperation or national security; (3) prescribe, with specified approval, the extent to which vouchers for funds expended under contracts for engineering research shall be subject to itemization or substantiation prior to payment; and (4) publish engineering information to further the dissemination of such information consistent with the national interest.

Requires provisions dealing with the patent laws of the United States to be included in contracts or other arrangements entered pursuant to this Act which relate to engineering research.

Authorizes the Foundation to cooperate in any international engineering activities that are consistent under this Act.

Requires the Foundation to utilize appropriations to make contracts or other arrangements for engineering research.

Permits the transfer of funds available to U.S. agencies for engineering research to the Foundation.

Requires the Secretary of Defense and the Foundation to establish security safeguards, including measures restricting access to information and property, with regard to engineering research activities relating to the national defense.

Directs the Director of the Foundation to require as a precondition of any award made by the Foundation for precollege engineering curriculum development activities, that the awardee, including any subcontractors, make available for inspection by the parents of children engaged in such educational activities all instructional materials provided under such award or subcontract.

Title III -Manufacturing Sciences and Robotics Research and Development Act of 1984 - Permits the Secretary of Commerce, through the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Productivity, Technology, and Innovation, to award grants and enter into contracts and cooperative agreements to provide for research on advanced manufacturing processes and methods, including: (1) computer-assisted design; (2) automated materials handling; (3) automated testing; and (4) integrated manufacturing systems. Requires grants to be made on a competitive basis.

Permits the Secretary to enter into cooperative agreements with consortia (a group of organizations) to establish and support Centers for Manufacturing Research and Technology Utilization. Permits such Centers to conduct applied research on a matching funds basis. Authorizes appropriations for both the grants and cooperative agreements for FY 1985-1988.

Establishes, at the National Bureau of Standards, the Federal Research Center on Robotics and Manufacturing to provide research and development on measurements and standards required in robotics and automated manufacturing systems.

Authorizes the Secretary to support, on a matching funds basis, the training of scientists and technicians needed for the construction and use of robots and automated manufacturing systems. Authorizes appropriations for such support for FY 1985- 1988.

Directs the Secretary to establish a program to identify the impact on workers of enhanced utilization of technologically advanced manufacturing methods, including the potential for retraining displaced workers. Requires the Secretary to report to Congress within two years on such program. Authorizes appropriations for FY 1985.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) select specific domestic technology-sensitive industrial sectors to analyze their long-term capability for remaining competitive; and (2) consult with and solicit comments from representatives of the industrial sector which is the subject of such study. Authorizes appropriations for such purpose for FY 1985-1988.

Directs the Secretary to establish a Manufacturing Science and Technology Enhancement Advisory Committee to advise the Secretary concerning the activities to be conducted under this Act. Requires such Committee to submit to Congress an annual report.