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Reported to Senate with amendment(s) (08/06/1984)

(Reported to Senate from the Committee on Appropriations with amendment, S. Rept. 98-578)

Title I: Department of the Interior - Makes appropriations for FY 1985 within the Department of the Interior for the Bureau of Land Management for management of land and resources, construction and access, payments in lieu of taxes, Oregon and California grant lands, range improvements, service charges, deposits and forfeitures, miscellaneous trust funds, and special acquisition of lands and minerals.

Sets forth uses and limitations of appropriations made to the Bureau of Land Management.

Requires the Secretary of the Interior, within six months after enactment of this Act, to conclude a land exchange between Oregon International Port of Coos Bay and the United States.

Appropriates funds for: (1) the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for resource management, construction, anadromous fish, the Migratory Bird Conservation Account, land acquisition, and the National Wildlife Refuge Fund; (2) the National Park Service for the operation of the National Park System, recreation and preservation programs, the Visitor Facilities Fund, the Historic Preservation Fund, construction, land acquisition and State assistance, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts; (3) the Geological Survey for surveys, investigations and research; (4) the Minerals Management Service for leasing and royalty management; (5) the Bureau of Mines for the conduct of inquiries, technological investigations and research of mines and minerals; (6) the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement for regulation and technology, and the Abandoned Mine Reclamation Fund; (7) the Bureau of Indian Affairs for the operation of Indian programs, construction, road construction, Utah Paiute Trust Fund, tribal trust funds, the revolving fund for loans, and the Indian Loan Guaranty and Insurance Fund; (8) the Office of Territorial and International Affairs for administration and for the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands; and (9) the Secretarial offices, including the Office of the Solicitor for salaries and expenses, the Office of Construction Management, the Office of the Inspector General, and the Office of the Secretary.

Sets forth the uses and limitations on appropriations made available by this title.

Makes such appropriations available for expenditure or transfer for the emergency reconstruction, replacement, or repair of aircraft, buildings, utilities, or other facilities or equipment damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, storm, or other unavoidable causes.

Makes funds available for the suppression or emergency prevention of forest or range fires on or threatening lands under the Department of the Interior jurisdiction, for emergency rehabilitation of burned-over lands, emergency actions related to earthquakes or volcanoes, and emergency reclamation projects.

Extends until September 30, 1985, the date by which the Mount Edgecumbe boarding school facility for Alaskan Natives must be opened.

Permits the Secretary to authorize the expenditure or transfer of any no year appropriation in this title for the suppression or emergency prevention of forest or range fires on or threatening lands under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior, or for the emergency rehabilitation of burned- over lands, for emergency actions related to potential or actual earthquakes or volcanoes and for emergency reclamation projects.

Directs the Secretary of the Interior, through the Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation, to work together with the governors of the States of the Upper Colorado River Basin (Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming) to attempt to draft a plan to conserve endangered and threatened species in the river basins while fully maintaining the beneficial uses of water under State water rights systems.

Makes appropriations available for the operation of warehouses, garages, shops, and similar facilities, whenever consolidation of activities will contribute to efficiency or economy.

Makes appropriations available for the hire, maintenance, and operation of aircraft, hire of passenger motor vehicles, purchase or reprints, payment for telephone service in private residences in the field, and the payment of certain dues when authorized by the Secretary of the Interior.

Provides that appropriations made available to the Department of the Interior for salaries and expenses shall be available for uniforms or allowances.

Makes appropriations available for obligation in connection with contracts issued by the General Services Administration for services or rentals for annual periods beginning at any time during the fiscal year.

Makes available appropriations to provide insurance on official motor vehicles, aircraft, and boats operated by the Department of the Interior in Canada and Mexico.

Extends, until March 1, 1985, the deadline for outlaying Federal funds for repairing and restoring parks and recreation facilities, the Historic Preservation Fund, and the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Requires that, effective one year after after the date of enactment of this Act, an electric service contract be substituted for the Guam Power Authority - United States Navy Public Works Center Pool Agreement.

Title II: Related Agencies - Makes appropriations for FY 1985 for the Department of Agriculture for the Forest Service for forest research, State and private forestry, the National Forest System, construction, (including rescission of funds) land acquisition, Range Betterment Fund, acquisition of land for national forests, and miscellaneous trust funds.

Sets forth limitations on the use of such funds by the Forest Service.

Prohibits the use of funds to adjust annual recreational residence fees to an amount greater than that in effect at the time of the next to last adjustment. Allows current permit holders who acquired permits after the next to last adjustment to have their annual permit fee computed as if they had had their permits before that time, except that no permittee shall receive an unearned credit.

Permits funds to be advanced to the National Forest System appropriation for the emergency rehabilitation of burned-over lands under its jurisdiction.

Makes such funds available to comply with the requirements of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

Declares that the appropriation structure for the Forest Service may not be altered without advance approval of the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations.

Makes funds appropriated to the Forest Service available for assistance to or through the Agency for International Development and the Office of International Cooperation and Development in connection with forest and rangeland research and technical information and assistance in foreign countries.

Permits funds previously appropriated for timber salvage sales to be recoved from receipts deposited for use by the applicable national forest and credited to the Forest Service Permanent Appropriations.

Prohibits the transfer of funds appropriated to the Forest Service to the Working Capital Fund of the Department of Agriculture without the approval of the Chief of the Forest Service.

Requires the Chief of the Forest Service to approve personally any and all land use or land classification adjustment instruments, unaided by mechanical devices or persons acting on his behalf.

Makes appropriations for the Department of Energy for fossil energy research and development (including transfer of funds), naval petroleum and oil shale reserves, energy conservation, economic regulation, the Energy Information Administration, the SPR Petroleum Account, and the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and emergency preparedness.

Makes appropriations to the Department of Health and Human Services for the Health Services Administration for Indian health services and facilities.

Appropriates funds to: (1) the Department of Education for the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education for Indian education; (2) the Navajo and Hopi Relocation Commission for salaries and expenses; (3) the Smithsonian Institution for salaries and expenses; (4) museum programs and related research; (5) construction and improvements at the National Zoological Park; (6) restoration and renovation of buildings owned or occupied by the Smithsonian Institution; (7) salaries and expenses of the National Gallery of Art; (8) salaries and expenses of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars; and (9) the Endowment Challenge Fund.

Makes appropriations for the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities for: (1) salaries and expenses and matching grants for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities; (2) the Institute of Museum Services; (3) National Capital Region Arts and Cultural Affairs Program; (4) salaries and expenses for the Commission of Fine Arts, the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, the National Capital Planning Commission, the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Commission, the Pennsylvania Avenue Development Corporation for salaries and expenses and public development activities and projects; (5) the Federal Inspector for the Alaska Gas Pipeline for permitting and enforcement; and (6) the Holocaust Memorial Council.

Title III: General Provisions - Limits procurement contracts for consulting services obtained through appropriations made by this Act to those contracts where expenditures are a matter of public record.

Prohibits the use of appropriations by the Secretaries of Agriculture and of the Interior for the sale of unprocessed timber from Federal lands which will be exported from the United States or which will be used as a substitute for timber from private lands which is exported by the purchaser. Prohibits the Secretaries of the Interior and of Agriculture from using such funds for leasing of oil and natural gas by noncompetitive bidding on public lands within the Shawnee National Forest, Illinois. Prohibits the use of such funds for any activity that tends to promote public support or opposition to legislative proposals on which congressional action is incomplete.

Prohibits the use of funds for the implementation or enforcement of any rule or regulation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service requiring the use of steel shot in connection with the hunting of waterfowl in any State unless the appropriate State regulatory authority approved such implementation and enforcement.

Declares that no part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall remain available for obligation beyond the current fiscal year unless expressly so provided herein.

Provides that none of the funds appropriated to any department or agency shall be obligated or expended to provide a personal cook, chauffeur, or other personal servants to any officer or employee of such department or agency.

Provides that none of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be obligated for any aspect of the processing or issuance of permits or leases pertaining to exploration for or development of coal, oil, gas, oil shale, phosphate, potassium, sulphur, gilsonite, or geothermal resources on Federal lands within any component of the National Wilderness Preservation System or within any Forest Service RARE II areas recommended for wilderness designation or allocated to further planning.

Prohibits the use of funds in this Act to evaluate, consider, process, or award oil, gas or geothermal leases on Federal lands in the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, State of Washington.

Prohibits assessments from being levied against any program, budget activity, or project funded by this Act.

Provides that employment funded by this Act shall not be subject to any personnel ceiling or other personnel restriction for permanent or other than permanent employment except as provided by law.

Prohibits the use of funds provided for land acquisition to acquire lands for more than the approved appraised value, except for condemnations and declarations of taking, without the written approval of the Appropriations Committees.

Authorizes the Secretaries of the Interior, Agriculture, and Energy and the Smithsonian Institution to enter into contracts with State and local governments for procurement of services in the presuppression, detection, and suppression of fires.

Requires that any private aircraft contracted for service by the Department of the Interior and the Forest Service in FY 1985 be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration as air-worthy standard category aircraft unless such aircraft are not reasonably available to conduct the services.

Prohibits the use of funds for the designation, management or enhancement of the grizzly bear habitat in any unit of the National Park System or National Forest System unless and until the appropriate General Management Plan or Forest Plan has been adopted.

Requires the Administrator of the General Services Administration to transfer to the Secretary of the Interior certain parcels of land on Guam for inclusion in the War in the Pacific National Historical Park.

Requires the Secretary of the Interior to quantify the number of wetland acres subject to waterfowl production area easements in each county of North Dakota and to develop a plan for the purchase of additional easement acres previously authorized by the Governor.

Extends to December 31, 1986, the primary term of any geothermal lease in effect as of July 27, 1984, issued pursuant to the Geothermal Act of 1970, if the Secretary of the Interior finds that certain conditions exist.

Amends the Indian Elementary and Secondary School Assistance Act to require that, to be eligible for payments under such Act, a local educational agency's combined fiscal effort with the State for the preceding fiscal year was at least 90 percent of the combined fiscal effort for the second preceding fiscal year. Permits the Secretary of Education to waive this requirement for exceptional circumstances for one year only.

Requires the Secretary of Energy, pursuant to the Federal Nonnuclear Energy Research and Development Act of 1974, to: (1) publish in the Federal Register, by 60 days after the enactment of this Act, a notice soliciting within 90 days statements of interest in and proposals for projects employing emerging clean coal technologies; and (2) submit to Congress by April 15, 1985, a report that analyzes the information contained in such statements of interest and proposals.