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House receded and concurred with amendment (10/17/1985)

(House receded and concurred in certain Senate amendments with amendments)

Title I: Department of Defense - Civil Department of the Army - Makes appropriations for FY 1986 for authorized civil functions of the Department of the Army relating to rivers and harbors, flood control, and beach erosion (including projects which involve private and State and local governmental participation).

Title II: Department of the Interior - Makes appropriations for FY 1986 to the Department of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation for: (1) engineering and economic investigations of Federal reclamation and water conservation projects; (2) construction and rehabilitation projects; (3) soil and moisture conservation projects; (4) operation and maintenance of reclamation projects; (5) loans to irrigation districts for construction of distribution systems on authorized Federal reclamation projects; (6) general administrative expenses in certain Bureau of Reclamation offices; (7) the "Emergency Fund" as authorized by the Act of June 26, 1948; (8) replacement passenger motor vehicles and aircraft; and (9) recovery of archaeological and paleontological remains in specified areas.

Makes appropriations available to the Department of the Interior for: (1) damaged facilities or equipment belonging to the Department of the Interior; (2) emergency prevention of forest or range fires; and (3) general administrative expenses.

Establishes in the Treasury a working capital fund for Bureau of Reclamation support activities. Authorizes appropriations.

Title III: Department of Energy - Makes appropriations to the Department of Energy for FY 1986 for: (1) specified energy supply, research, and development activities; (2) uranium supply and enrichment activities; (3) general science and research activities; (4) nuclear waste disposal activities; (5) atomic energy defense activities; (6) departmental administrative expenses; (7) water and electrical power projects of the Alaska Power Administration; (8) specified fish passage facilities of the Bonneville Power Administration; (9) operational and maintenance expenses related to electric power transmission for the Southwestern Power Administration; (10) continuous operation of the power system of the Western Area Power Administration during emergency conditions (requires the Treasury to establish a continuing fund for such purpose); (11) salaries and expenses of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; and (12) geothermal energy research and development; and (13) Department of Energy general passenger vehicles and security guard expenses.

Prohibits the use of funds approved for the Western Area Power Administration to pay the rates of basic pay and premium pay for power system dispatchers unless such rates are based on those prevailing for similar occupations in the electric power industry.

Title IV: Independent Agencies - Makes appropriations for: (1) programs authorized by the Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965; (2) salaries and expenses of the Delaware River Basin Commission; (3) expenses of the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin; (4) Nuclear Regulatory Commission expenses; (5) expenses of the Susquehanna River Basin Commission; and (6) expenses of the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Title V: General Provisions - Sets forth guidelines for the expenditure of appropriations under this Act.

Prohibits the use of funds to pay the salary of the Administrator of the Power Marketing Administration or the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Valley Authority unless they award contracts for procurement of extra high voltage (EHV) power equipment manufactured in the United States when one or more domestic manufacturers offer a suitable product at a price not exceeding 125 percent of the bid or offering price of the most competitive foreign bidder.