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Conference report filed in House (10/07/1986)

(Conference report filed in House, H. Rept. 99-976)

Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1987 - Title I: Department of Transportation - Makes appropriations for FY 1987 for the necessary expenses of: (1) the Office of the Secretary of Transportation for salaries and expenses, transportation planning, research, and development, and the Working Capital Fund; (2) payments to air carriers; and (3) the Coast Guard for operating expenses, acquisition, construction and improvement, retired pay, reserve training, research, development, test and evaluation, the Offshore Oil Pollution Compensation Fund, the Deepwater Port Liability Fund, and recreational boating safety assistance.

Appropriates funds for the necessary expenses of the Federal Aviation Administration for: (1) operations, facilities, engineering, research and development; (2) grants-in-aid for airports (liquidation of contract authorization); (3) operation, maintenance, and construction at the Metropolitan Washington airports; (4) the Aviation Insurance Revolving Fund; and (5) the aircraft purchase loan guarantee program.

Appropriates funds to the Federal Highway Administration for: (1) general operating expenses; (2) highway safety research and development; (3) highway-related safety grants; (4) railroad-highway crossings demonstration projects; (5) Federal-aid highways; (6) the Right-of-Way Revolving Fund; (7) motor carrier safety; (8) motor carrier safety grants; (9) access highways to public recreation areas on certain lakes; (10) the Baltimore-Washington Parkway; (11) transportation of nuclear waste isolation pilot project roads; (12) an airport-highway demonstration project in Shawnee, Oklahoma; (13) an expressway gap closing demonstration project in north-central California; (14) an intermodal urban demonstration project as part of the Federal-aid highway program; (15) highway construction projects in Mississippi; (16) an airport access demonstration project in the vicinity of the Ontario International Airport in San Bernardino County, California; (17) a coordinated highway improvement project in the vicinity of Pontiac and East Lansing, Michigan; (18) a highway-railroad grade crossing safety demonstration project in Mineola, New York; (19) an alternate route with specific safety measures for the transportation of nuclear waste in the Los Alamos-Santa Fe, New Mexico, corridor; (20) improvements to the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge connecting Virginia and the District of Columbia; and (21) for an airport access demonstration project in the vicinity of the New Orleans International Airport in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.

Appropriates funds to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for operations and research and highway traffic safety grants.

Appropriates funds to the Federal Railroad Administration for: (1) the Office of the Administrator; (2) railroad safety; (3) railroad research and development; (4) the Northeast Corridor improvement; and (5) grants to the National Railroad Passenger Corporation.

Authorizes the issuance of notes to the Secretary of the Treasury for payment of loan guarantees from railroad rehabilitation and improvement financing funds. Prohibits commitments to guarantee new loans for railroad rehabilitation and improvement during FY 1987. Authorizes expenditures for the redeemable preference shares program. Appropriates funds for Conrail commuter transition assistance.

Appropriates funds to the Urban Mass Transportation Administration for: (1) administrative expenses; (2) research, training, and human resources; (3) formula grants; (4) liquidation of contract authorization; (5) the Washington Metro; and (6) interstate transfer grants. Limits the amount of funds available for discretionary grants.

Appropriates funds to: (1) the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation for administrative expenses (including the Eisenhower Lock, near Massena, New York, for repair expenses); (2) the Research and Special Programs Administration for research and development and for grants to implement a pipeline safety program; and (3) the Office of the Inspector General for salaries and expenses.

Title II: Related Agencies - Makes appropriations for FY 1987 for the necessary expenses of: (1) the Architectural and Transportation Barriers Compliance Board; (2) the National Transportation Safety Board; (3) the Interstate Commerce Commission for salaries and expenses (with a limit on payments for directed rail service); (4) the Panama Canal Commission for operating expenses and capital outlay; (5) the United States Railway Association; (6) the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for interest payments; and (7) the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury for acquisition of fund anticipation notes.

Title III: General Provisions - Permits the apportionment of funds appropriated for the Panama Canal Commission.

Permits the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to provide for the expenses of primary and secondary schooling for dependents of FAA personnel stationed outside the United States when the Secretary of Transportation determines that adequate schooling is unavailable in the locality and that adequate schools are not accessible by public transportation.

Prohibits the use of Panama Canal Commission appropriations unless in conformance with the Panama Canal Treaties of 1977.

Prohibits the use of appropriated funds for the planning or construction of rail-highway crossings at the School Street crossing in Groton, Connecticut, and the Broadway Extension Crossing, in Stonington, Connecticut.

Prohibits the use of appropriated funds; (1) to plan or execute any program to compensate non-Federal parties intervening in regulatory or adjudicatory proceedings under this Act; or (2) to assist any State in imposing mandatory State inspection fees or sticker requirements on vehicles lawfully registered in another State, including certain vehicles engaged in interstate commercial transportation.

Prohibits appropriated funds from being available beyond the current fiscal year unless expressly so provided.

Provides that contract authority for discretionary grants shall be available for obligation until expended.

Prohibits the use of funds for the planning or implementation of any change in the current Federal status of the Transportation Systems Center or of the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

Limits the use of appropriated funds for consulting services to those contracts that are a matter of public record and are available for public inspection. Directs the Secretary of Transportation to distribute the obligation limitation for Federal-aid highways according to a specified formula. Sets an obligation limitation upon the amounts distributed to the States. Makes available to the State of North Dakota for use on a certain interchange in Fargo, North Dakota, unobligated funds from the "Auto Pedestrian Separation Demonstration Project".

Directs the Secretary to: (1) provide the States with authority to prevent lapses of authorized appropriations apportioned to them for Federal-aid highways and highway safety construction; (2) redistribute funds from States which will not obligate funds to those States which are able to obligate funds; and (3) not distribute amounts authorized for administrative expenses and for the Federal Lands Highway Programs.

Limits the use of appropriated funds for salaries and expenses to 138 political appointees in the Department of Transportation.

Limits expenditures for advisory committees.

Conditions the use of appropriated funds for the Woodward light rail line in Detroit, Michigan, upon approval in accordance with Michigan law of a source of operating funds.

Prohibits the use of funds under this Act for any costs related to the Central Automated Transit System (Downtown People Mover) in Detroit, Michigan. Releases the city of Linden, New Jersey, from terms placed upon real property conveyed by the United States for airport purposes.

Requires the Secretary to report to the Congress by February 1, 1987, with respect to FY 1986 activities of all safety enforcement programs administered within the Department of Transportation.

Directs the Department of Transportation to submit a long-range, multi-modal national transportation strategic planning study to the Congress before December 31, 1987.

Directs the Secretary to submit a study to the Congress by February 1, 1987, regarding the impact to small, remote communities of the discontinuance of essential air service subsidies.

Directs the Urban Mass Transportation Administration to publish in the Federal Register within seven calendar days of obligation an announcement of certain grants obligated under the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964.

Requires the Secretary to enter into negotiations with the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to reimburse such City for the Federal share of extraordinary costs incurred regarding the Center City Commuter Connection (including eminent domain damages and costs incurred for the Northeast Corridor Improvement Project and the Northeast Rail Service Act of 1981).

Amends the Surface Transportation Assistance Act of 1982 to define the term "maxi-cube vehicle."

Prohibits the use of funds under this Act for: (1) any project study involving access by causeway or bridge across wetlands of the San Francisco Bay to a certain highway in Alameda County, California; (2) a national policy specifying that only a single type of visual glideslope indicator can be funded through the airport improvement program; and (3) any hindering of the award of transit grants which would allow the provision of service by private mass transportation entities.

Amends the Department of Transportation and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1986 to authorize the Secretary to transfer appropriated funds under "Office of the Secretary, salaries and expenses," if certain conditions are met.

Authorizes the Secretary of Transportation to prohibit the landing rights of South African aircraft.

Authorizes the Office of Personnel Management to appoint or reinstate certain former air traffic controllers whose appointments were terminated due to the air traffic controllers strike of August 1981.

Authorizes the Secretary to use certain funds made available under the Urban Mass Transportation Act of 1964 for the oversight of certain major construction projects for FY 1987.

Directs the Secretary to permit certain limited obligations for the State of Florida for operating expenses of the Tri-County Commuter Rail Project in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties during the period that Interstate 95 is under reconstruction in such area.