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Conference report filed in House (10/07/1986)

(Conference report filed in House, H. Rept. 99-977)

Department of Housing and Urban Development-Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 1987 - Title I: Department of Housing and Urban Development - Makes appropriations to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for FY 1987 for: (1) housing programs, including congregate services, low-income housing projects, housing counseling assistance, operating subsidies for troubled multifamily housing projects, and payments to cover losses of the Special Risk Insurance Fund and the General Insurance Fund; (2) the Solar Energy and Energy Conservation Bank for assistance for solar and conservation improvements; (3) community development grants, urban development action grants, and the urban homesteading program; (4) policy development and research; (5) fair housing assistance; and (6) salaries and expenses.

Increases the contract and budget authority for annual contributions for assisted housing. Earmarks specified amounts of such budget authority for: (1) financing public housing for Indian families; (2) public housing new construction or acquisition with or without rehabilitation other than for low-income housing for Indian families; (3) modernization of existing public housing projects; (4) assistance for projects for the elderly or handicapped; and (5) assistance under the existing low-income rental housing assistance program, the rental rehabilitation program, development grants, and the housing voucher program. Provides that all amounts of such budget authority recaptured during FY 1987 shall be rescinded.

Rescinds a specified amount of FY 1987 contract authority for rent supplements and rental housing assistance. Limits new loan guarantee commitments by the Government National Mortgage Association.

Authorizes a specified amount for loans in FY 1987 to qualified nonprofit sponsors for the development of housing for the elderly or handicapped. Limits the maximum interest rate on such loans to nine and one-quarter percent.

Authorizes gross obligations for direct loans under the National Housing Act during FY 1987. Limits the additional commitments to guarantee loans, the gross obligations for the principal amounts of direct loans, and the amount of loan guarantee commitments on the mortgage-backed securities programs under such Act for FY 1987.

Qualifies a city in FY 1987 for a community development block grant based upon: (1) 1980 decennial census population; (2) receipt of a preliminary grant approval; and (3) entitlement to a hold-harmless amount.

Authorizes the use of amounts in the rehabilitation loan fund for loans, operating costs, and the capitalization of delinquent interest during FY 1987.

Makes local governmental units ineligible for development grants if the percentage of vacant rental units in their jurisdictions exceeds national percentages.

Extends the availability of specified recaptured rental rehabilitation funds.

Obligates specified low-income funds to meet insurance coverage increases under public and Indian housing projects.

Limits amounts under community development grants that may be used for neighborhood development demonstration projects.

Prohibits any FY 1987 funds from being used to close any HUD field offices. Requires the reopening of any such office closed in the past 12 months.

Makes the counties of Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii, in the State of Hawaii, eligible for urban development action grants.

Title II: Independent Agencies - Makes appropriations for FY 1987 to the: (1) American Battle Monuments Commission for salaries and expenses; (2) Consumer Product Safety Commission for salaries and expenses; (3) Department of Defense-Civil for Army cemetery expenses; (4) Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for salaries and expenses, research and development, abatement, control, and compliance activities, and buildings and facilities; (5) Executive Office of the President for the Council on Environmental Quality, the Office of Environmental Quality, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy; (6) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for disaster relief, salaries and expenses, emergency management planning and assistance, and the National Flood Insurance Fund, and the emergency food and shelter program; (7) General Services Administration for the Consumer Information Center; (8) Department of Health and Human Services for the Office of Consumer Affairs; (9) National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for research and development, space flight, control, and data communications, the construction of facilities, and research and program management; (10) National Science Foundation (NSF) for research and the acquisition of an aircraft, the U.S. Antarctic Program, scientific education, and overseas scientific activities (special foreign currency program); (11) Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation; (12) Selective Service System for salaries and expenses; (13) Department of the Treasury for the Local Government Fiscal Assistance Trust Fund and the Office of Revenue Sharing; (14) Veterans Administration (VA) for compensation and pensions, readjustment benefits, veterans insurance and indemnities, medical care, medical and prosthetic research, medical administration and miscellaneous expenses, general operating expenses, construction of major and minor projects, grants for the construction of State extended care facilities and veterans cemeteries, grants to the Republic of the Philippines for assisting in rehabilitating the Veterans Memorial Medical Center, and the loan guaranty revolving fund; and (15) the National Credit Union Administration.

Limits the obligations of the Central Liquidity Facility of the National Credit Union Administration for new loans for member credit unions and the amount of its administrative expenses for FY 1987.

Prohibits the expenditure of EPA appropriations for Resource Conservation and Recovery Panels. Requires the Director of FEMA to establish a national board to determine how emergency food and shelter appropriations are to be distributed to individual localities.

Directs the Commodity Credit Corporation to process and distribute surplus food purchased under the food distribution and emergency shelter program in cooperation with FEMA.

Limits the amount available for expenditure from the Consumer Information Fund.

Prohibits the use of NASA appropriations for leasing or constructing a contractor-funded facility when NASA would be required to amortize the contractor's investment, unless authorized in an appropriation Act or approved by the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations.

Prohibits the use of funds appropriated to the U.S. Antarctic program for the purchase of aircraft.

Prohibits the expenditure of any funds appropriated to the Selective Service for the induction of any person into the armed forces.

Prohibits the use of VA appropriations for major construction projects that have not been approved by the Congress, except for the advance planning of projects funded through the advance planning fund and the design of projects funded through the Design Fund.

Prohibits the obligation of funds from any other account (except the parking garage revolving fund) for a project which was approved in the budget process and funded under the VA account for major construction projects until one year after substantial completion and beneficial occupancy by the VA.

Authorizes obligations on the part of the Loan Guaranty Revolving Fund and the Direct Loan Revolving Fund of the VA. Permits, in specified circumstances, the transfer of funds appropriated to the VA. Prohibits the use of appropriations for purchasing any site for, or constructing, any new hospital or home. Requires reimbursement if any persons, other than eligible beneficiaries, are hospitalized or examined at veterans facilities.

Permits VA construction appropriations (of up to ten percent) to be transferred to the "parking garage revolving fund."

Prohibits Consumer Product Safety Commission funds from being used after March 31, 1987 for offices in the Logan Building.

Provides with regard to the EPA: (1) for repayable advances to the Hazardous Substance Trust Fund when authorized by the Congress; (2) that no governmental unit shall receive less in 1987 than it did in 1985 under sections 205(g) and 205(j) Federal Water Pollution Control Act; (3) funds for laboratory construction and renovation at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Edison, New Jersey; and (4) for funds for Leaking Underground Storage Tank Trust Fund cleanup activities.

Title III: Corporations - Authorizes certain corporations and agencies of HUD and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to make commitments without regard to fiscal year limitations, with specified exceptions. Limits, with specified exceptions, new loan or mortgage purchase commitments to the extent expressly provided in this Act. Makes appropriations for FY 1987 to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC) for administrative expenses. Sets specified limitations on such expenses.

Title IV: General Provisions - Limits travel expenditures for the agencies listed in this Act to the amounts set forth in the budget estimate, with specified exceptions. Permits the use of HUD and Selective Service System appropriations for: (1) uniforms; (2) the hire of passenger vehicles; and (3) the employment of experts and consultants. Allows the use of HUD funds to pay for legal services and facilities provided by specified agencies.

Prohibits, with specified exceptions, the use of appropriated funds: (1) beyond the current fiscal year; (2) without a voucher describing the payees and services or specific statutory authorization; (3) for transportation between the domicile and place of employment of any officer or employee; (4) for payments to recipients that do not share in the cost of conducting research not specifically solicited by the Government; (5) for consultants paid in excess of the GS-18 rate; and (6) for compensation of non-Federal parties intervening in regulatory or adjudicatory proceedings. Prohibits the use of funds appropriated for personnel compensation and benefits for other object classifications in the budget estimates.

Limits expenditures for consulting services to contracts which are a matter of public record and included in a publicly available list of: (1) contracts entered into within the past two years; and (2) contracts on which performance has not been completed.

Prohibits any executive agency from expending appropriations under this Act for a contract for services unless the agency: (1) complies with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy Act; and (2) requires reports prepared pursuant to such contract to disclose information about the contract and the contractor.

Prohibits the use of funds appropriated by this Act to: (1) provide a personal cook, chauffeur, or other personal servant to any officer or employee of any agency or department; or (2) procure automobiles with an EPA estimated miles per gallon average of less than 22 miles per gallon.

Title V: Shelter Programs - Part A: General Provisions - Homeless Housing Act of 1986 - Defines specified terms for purposes of this title.

Part B: Transitional Housing Demonstration Program - Directs the Secretary to establish a demonstration program to provide housing and support services for the homeless, focusing on those persons capable of moving into traditional housing and independent living.

Authorizes assistance as: (1) non-interest bearing advances up to $20,000 to obtain or rehabilitate housing; (2) annual payments of up to 75 percent of operating costs; and (3) technical assistance.

Directs the Secretary to forgive advance repayment if: (1) the structure is used as housing for the homeless for at least ten years; or (2) the Secretary finds there is no longer a housing need and the structure is used for another charitable purpose for the remainder of such ten-year period.

Directs the Secretary to issue an interim report within three months after the end of FY 1987 and a final report within six months after the end of FY 1988.

Authorizes FY 1987 appropriations. Limits FY 1987 budget authority to $5,000,000.

Subtitle C: Emergency Shelter Grants Program - Directs the Secretary to establish an emergency shelter grant program for: (1) renovation and conversion of buildings as emergency shelters; (2) provision of essential services; and (3) shelter maintenance and operation.

Directs the Secretary to allocate grants to States, metropolitan cities, and urban counties under the same formula used for the community block grant program. States that if a metropolitan city or urban county would receive a fiscal year grant of less than $30,000, such sum shall instead be reallocated to the State.

Authorizes local governments to distribute such grants to nonprofit organizations.

Sets forth a reallocation procedure for unused grant funds.

Requires grantees to provide matching funds and a certification of use.

Authorizes FY 1987 appropriations.