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Introduced in Senate (10/31/1985)

Foreign Assistance and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 1986 - Title I: Multilateral Economic Assistance Funds Appropriated to the President - Makes appropriations for FY 1986 for the U.S. contribution to the: (1) International Bank for Reconstruction and Development; (2) International Development Association; (3) International Finance Corporation; (4) Inter-American Development Bank; (5) Asian Development Bank; (6) African Development Fund; and (7) African Development Bank. Limits the callable capital subscriptions of the United States to such development banks.

Makes appropriations for FY 1986 for international organizations and programs. Sets forth the method of allocating such funds.

Title II: Bilateral Economic Assistance - Makes appropriations for FY 1986 for the Agency for International Development for: (1) agricultural, rural development, and nutrition programs, including amounts earmarked for new projects using surplus dairy products and for the Vitamin A Deficiency Program; (2) population programs with a prohibition against funding programs that support coercive abortion or involuntary sterilization; (3) health programs, including a specified amount earmarked for child survival programs; (4) the Child Survival Fund; (5) education and human resources for development programs, including specified amounts for scholarships for South African students, the International Student Exchange Program, and the National University in Costa Rica; (6) energy and selected development activities, including amounts earmarked for the cooperative projects among the United States, Israel, and developing countries, hybrid poplar energy farming in Nepal, and a land use management system in Costa Rica; (7) science and technology programs; (8) the private sector revolving fund, including a limit on obligations during 1986; (9) loan allocation programs, including specified repayment deadlines; (10) American schools and hospitals abroad; (11) international disaster assistance; (12) the Sahel development program, including a limit on contributions to such program; (13) payment to the Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund; (14) the Economic Support Fund; (15) peacekeeping operations; (16) the operating expenses of the Agency for International Development, including a requirement that not less than ten percent of the total FY 1986 development funds shall be available only for activities of economically and socially disadvantaged enterprises, historically black colleges and universities, and private and voluntary organizations which are controlled by black Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, or economically and socially disadvantaged individuals (including women); (17) the operating expenses of the Agency for International Development Office of Inspector General; (18) trade credit insurance program; (19) trade and development programs; (20) housing and other credit guaranty programs; and (21) aid to Lebanon. Prohibits, subject to certain conditions, making any development assistance funds available after January 1, 1986, to any U.S. private and voluntary organization which obtains less than 25 percent of its total annual funding for international activities from sources other than the Federal Government.

Limits the use of the Economic Support Fund appropriations, including earmarking specified amounts for: (1) Israel; (2) Egypt; (3) El Salvador for investigation into the murders of U.S. citizens in El Salvador; (4) Ecuador; (5) the Philippines; (6) Cyprus; and (7) Costa Rica. Expresses the sense of the Congress that the recommended levels of aid for Egypt and Israel are based in great measure on their continued participation in the Camp David Accords and upon the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. Urges Egypt and Israel to continue to try to restore a full diplomatic relationship and achieve realization of the Camp David Accords.

Authorizes Economic Support Fund aid for Mozambique only for activities in support of the private sector and only through private voluntary orgnizations.

Prohibits using the funds in the Syrian Termination Account for any purposes other than those for which the account was created.

Makes appropriations for FY 1986 for the: (1) African Development Foundation; (2) the Inter-American Foundation; and (3) the Peace Corps. Authorizes appropriations for the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). Limits the FY 1986 amounts for OPIC loans and loan guarantees.

Makes appropriations for FY 1986 to the Department of State for: (1) international narcotics control; (2) migration and refugee assistance; and (3) antiterrorism assistance. Earmarks specified amounts of the migration and refugee assistance funds for: (1) aid to refugees settling in Israel; (2) the administrative expenses of the State Department Office of Refugee Programs; (3) aid to certain Vietnamese refugees; (4) aid to African refugee programs; (5) aid to the International Committee of the Red Cross; and (6) combating piracy in the Gulf of Thailand, and aiding piracy victims and refugees in Southeast Asia.

Title III: Military Assistance - Makes appropriations for FY 1986 for: (1) military assistance; (2) international military education and training program; (3) foreign military credit sales; (4) the guaranty reserve fund established under the Arms Export Control Act; and (5) foreign military credit sales debt reform. Earmarks specified amounts of the military assistance funds for: (1) the Philippines; (2) Turkey; and (3) Tunisia. Requires certain reports on aid to El Salvador to be provided to the congressional Appropriations Committees. Declares that such reports shall supersede other reporting requirements relating to El Salvador.

Earmarks specified amounts of foreign military sales credits for Israel (with a specified amount earmearked for the Lavi program) and Egypt. Releases Israel and Egypt from their liability to repay such amounts. Limits the total amount of FY 1986 foreign military sales loans. Prohibits extending foreign military sales credits or issuing such guarantees to Jordan, Turkey, Greece, or the Philippines, for FY 1986 if such action would cause the sum of such credits and guarantees for Jordan, Turkey, Greece, or the Philippines to exceed a specified amount. Earmarks a specified amount of concessional credits for Tunisia.

Limits the amount that may be obligated for the Special Defense Acquisition Fund during FY 1986.

Title IV: Export-Import Bank of the United States - Makes appropriations for FY 1986 for the Export-Import Bank to make certain expenditures and certain contracts and commitments. Prohibits the use of such funds to make expenditures, contracts, or commitments for nuclear exports to a country other than a nuclear-weapon State. Sets the maximum amounts for direct loans and loan guarantees by the Export-Import Bank. Limits the amount that the Export-Import Bank may spend for administrative expenses.

Title V: General Provisions - Prohibits using any of the funds appropriated in this Act, other than appropriations for international organizations and programs, for certain water or related land resource projects proposed for construction within the United States. Limits the percentage of appropriation items, with specified exceptions, that shall be obligated or reserved during the last month of availability. Prohibits using any of the funds appropriated by this Act or any of the counterpart funds generated by this Act to pay pensions, annuities, retirement pay, or adjusted service compensation to persons serving in the armed forces of a recipient country. Prohibits using certain funds appropriated or made available pursuant to this Act for: (1) making payments on procurement contracts which do not authorize the termination of such contract for the convenience of the United States; or (2) paying any assessments, arrearages, or dues of any member of the United Nations. Prohibits using any of the funds contained in title II of this Act to carry out the transfer of funds to international or multilateral lending organizations.

Sets the maximum amounts of the funds appropriated or made available by this Act that shall be used for official residence expenses, entertainment expenses, and representation allowances of the Agency for International Development. Prohibits using certain funds appropriated or made available pursuant to this Act to finance the export of nuclear equipment, fuel, or technology.

Prohibits using funds appropriated by this Act to: (1) help the government of any country repress the legitimate rights of the population; (2) finance aid or reparations to Angola, Cambodia, Cuba, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, South Yemen, or Syria; or (3) finance aid to a country whose elected head of government is deposed by military coup or decree.

Prohibits obligating funds made by this Act under an appropriation account to which they were not appropriated without the prior approval of both congressional Appropriations Committees. Continues the availability of certain AID funds provided the congressional Appropriations Committees are notified.

Prohibits using funds appropriated by this Act: (1) for publicity or propaganda purposes within the United States not authorized before enactment of this Act; and (2) to furnish assistance to a country which is in default for more than a year in a loan made by the United States pursuant to a program for which funds are appropriated under this Act.

Prohibits appropriations contained in this Act from remaining available after the expiration of the current fiscal year unless expressly provided in this Act.

Prohibits making available any of the funds appropriated or made available pursuant to this Act to any international financial institution whose U.S. representative: (1) cannot upon request obtain the amounts and names of borrowers for all loans of such institution; or (2) cannot upon request obtain any document developed by the management of such institution.

Prohibits obligating any of the funds appropriated or otherwise made available by this Act to the Export-Import Bank and any of the appropriations for direct foreign assistance for any country that gives sanctuary to war criminals or international terrorists unless the President finds that national security requires otherwise.

Prohibits using funds appropriated for direct assistance and Export-Import Bank funds and Overseas Private Investment Corporation funds to finance any loan or other assistance for establishing or expanding production of any commodity for export by any country other than the United States if the commodity is likely to be in surplus on world markets and if the assistance will cause substantial injury to U.S. producers of the same, similar, or competing commodity. Provides that such prohibition shall not apply to the Export-Import Bank if the benefits to U.S. industry and employment are likely to outweigh injury to U.S. producers.

Requires funds appropriated under this Act to be made available or prohibited only in accordance with the provisions of this Act.

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to instruct the U.S. executive directors of specified international finance institutions to oppose assistance by these institutions for the production of any commodity for export if it is in surplus on world markets and if the assistance will cause substantial injury to U.S. producers of the same, similar, or competing commodity.

Prohibits using specified funds made available under this Act for operations not justified or in excess of the amount justified to the Appropriations Committees for obligation under any of these specific headings for FY 1986 unless the Appropriations Committees are notified 15 days in advance.

Limits expenditures for consulting services through procurement contracts.

Prohibits using funds appropriated under this Act to lobby for abortion. Prohibits making such funds available for any country that fails to take adequate measures to prevent narcotic drugs or other controlled substances from being sold illegally within the jurisdiction of such country to U.S. Government personnel or from entering the United States unlawfully.

Prohibits any of the international organizations and programs funds from being available for the U.S. proportionate share for any programs for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the Southwest African Peoples Organization, Libya, Iran, or Cuba.

Requires the President to report to the Congress annually on the degree of support of each foreign country for U.S. foreign policy. Prohibits making any foreign aid funds available to a country which is engaged in a consistent pattern of opposition to U.S. foreign policy.

Authorizes Israel to use any loan which is or was made available to it under the Arms Export Control Act and for which repayment is or was forgiven before using any other loan made available under such Act.

Declares that it is U.S. policy that the funds provided in the annual appropriations for the Economic Support Fund which are allocated to Israel shall not be less than the annual debt repayment from Israel to the United States.

Prohibits U.S. employees from recognizing or negotiating with the PLO or representatives of the PLO so long as the PLO does not recognize Israel's right to exist, does not accept Security Council Resolutions 242 and 338, and does not renounce the use of terrorism.

Declares that none of the funds made available in this Act shall be restricted for obligation or disbursement solely as a result of the policies of a multilateral institution.

Prohibits ceilings or earmarks contained in this Act from being applied to funds made available by subsequent Acts unless such subsequent Acts specifically so direct.

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of State to submit to specified congressional committees by February 1, 1986, a report on the domestic economic policies of those nations receiving U.S. economic aid.

Prohibits using funds made available in this Act to make available to El Salvador any helicopters or other aircraft and prohibits issuing licenses for the export of such aircraft to El Salvador unless specified congressional committees are notified at least 15 days before such occurrences.

Directs the President to make certain military and economic assistance funds available to the Cambodian non-communist resistance forces.

Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to instruct the U.S Executive Directors of the multilateral development banks to: (1) promote a commitment by these institutions to add staff to review the environmental effects of projects; (2) promote changes in these banks in their preparation of projects and county programs that will encourage staff and borrower countries to involve environment and public health ministers and to use the resources of available nongovernmental organizations in the preparation of projects and in bank-supported country program planning; (3) promote a commitment of these banks to increase the proportion of their lending programs supporting environmentally beneficial projects, resource rehabilitation projects, and appropriate or light capital technology projects; (4) promote the establishment within the Economic Development Institute of the World Bank of a component which provides training in environment and natural planning and program development; (5) evaluate the potential environmental problems associated with all proposed loans for projects involving large impoundments of rivers in tropical countries, penetration roads into relatively undeveloped areas, and agricultural and rural development programs; (6) call for separate and special meetings of each of the Boards of Executive Directors of these institutions to discuss their environmental performance; and (7) require the U.S. Executive Directors of such banks to request reviews by each of these banks of their environmental performance over the past ten years. Directs the Secretary of the Treasury to report to the Appropriations Committees on the progress made in implementing certain reforms. Directs the Secretary of the Treasury and the Secretary of State to undertake additional measures to discuss ways of improving the environmental performance of the multilateral development banks.

Earmarks a specified amount of the development assistance and Economic Support Fund assistance appropriated by this Act for the Afghan people.

Expresses the sense of the Congress that no foreign military sales financing appropriated by this Act may be used to finance the procurement by Jordan of U.S. advanced aircraft, new air defense weapons, or other new advanced military weapons systems and no notification may be made with respect to a proposed sale to Jordan of such aircraft or systems unless Jordan is publicly committed to the recognition of Israel and to negotiate with Israel.

Prohibits using funds appropriated or made available by this Act to aid a private voluntary organization that fails to comply with the auditing requirements of the Agency for International Development.

Prohibits spending a specified amount of the military aid for El Salvador made available by this Act until the President reports to the Appropriations Committees that El Salvador: (1) has substantially concluded its investigation into the deaths of two U.S. Land Reform Consultants; and (2) has pursued all legal avenues to bring to trial those who ordered their murders.