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Passed Senate amended (10/08/1986)

(Measure passed Senate, amended)

Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act - Establishes the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area in Washington and Oregon. Designates special management and urban areas within such scenic area. Permits minor revisions in such areas, as specified.

Provides for the establishment by Oregon and Washington of the Columbia Gorge Commission to manage such area. Includes representatives from affected counties within both States on the Commission.

Directs the Commission to adopt a management plan for the Scenic Area within three years. Requires such plan to include: (1) a resource inventory; (2) land use designations; (3) an economic or opportunity study; and (4) a recreation assessment.. Sets forth standards for determining land use. Requires intergovernmental involvement in and Secretarial approval of such plan. Provides for plan revision and amendment.

Requires each affected county to submit to the Commission zoning ordinances consistent with prescribed guidelines. Sets forth submittal, approval, and amendment procedures for such ordinances.

Directs the Secretary to administer the Federal lands within the special management areas according to forest and multiple-use management regulations applicable to the national forests. Requires the Secretary to develop land use designations within such areas within three years, a resource inventory within one year, and a recreation assessment within two years.

Authorizes the Secretary to acquire non-Federal lands within such special management areas. Requires the Secretary to report periodically to the appropriate congressional committee on the status of land acquisitions. Limits the use of eminent domain in acquiring such lands

Directs the Secretary to adopt interim guidelines for land use activities for the scenic area outside urban areas.

Authorizes the Secretary to make grants to each State for grants and loans for use in counties which have adopted conforming land use ordinances. Sets forth other loan terms and restrictions.

Directs the Oregon Department of Transportation to prepare a program to preserve and restore the Old Columbia River Highway for public use as a National Historic Road.

Restricts the licensing and the construction of water resource propects on rivers which flow through the Scenic Area.

Amends the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act to include a segment of the White Salmon River and the Klickitat River, Washington.

Directs the Secretary to provide technical assistance to counties to develop land use ordinances under this Act. Sets forth terms and restrictions on the provision of such assistance. Allocates timber receipts from special management area funds. Directs the Secretary to make payments to local governments to compensate for lost real property taxes from federally acquired lands.

Requires the Commission to monitor activities of counties pursuant to this Act, empowering the Commission to institute civil actions to enforce the requirements of this Act. Authorizes citizen suits as specified. Establishes civil penalties for violations and grants U.S. district courts in Oregon and Washington jurisdiction over criminal actions and appeals brought pursuant to this Act for activities of the Secretary. Empowers the State courts of Oregon and Washington to review actions or appeals brought for activities of the Commission pursuant to this Act.

Authorizes appropriations.

States which rights and responsibilities remain unchanged by this Act.

States that the validity of provisions under this Act are severable.