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Indefinitely postponed in Senate (07/14/1986)

(Measure indefinitely postponed in Senate, H.R. 4421 passed in lieu)

Human Services Reauthorization Act of 1986 - Title I: The Head Start Program - Amends the Head Start Act to authorize FY 1987 through 1990 appropriations for the Head Start program.

Eliminates cost-of-living adjustments for Indian and migrant Head Start programs. States that national funding for such programs shall be at least seven and one-tenth percent of appropriations in each fiscal year.

Extends through October 1, 1990, the prohibition on any method of calculating income which would result in reductions or exclusions of persons from such program.

Title II: The Dependent Care State Grant Program - Amends the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981 to authorize FY 1987 through FY 1989 appropriations for dependent care programs.

Makes the inclusion of specified types of information in dependent care resource and referral systems optional rather than mandatory. Requires States to assure that: (1) no such information will be provided with respect to any dependent care services which do not comply with State and local laws; and (2) the information will be the latest available and kept up to date.

Provides that certain funds may be used for school-age child care services before and after school in community centers whether or not school facilities are available for such purpose.

Redefines "school-age children" to include those younger than five in States where such children are provided a free public education.

Entitles such dependent care program provisions of such Act as the "State Dependent Care Development Grants Act."

Title III: Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program - Amends the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Act of 1981 to authorize FY 1987 through 1990 appropriations for the low-income energy assistance program.

Includes community-based organizations among the eligible administering entities for purposes of such program.

Revises the criteria used to determine Indian grants under such program.

Title IV: Community Services Block Grant - Amends the Community Services Block Grant Act to authorize FY 1987 through 1990 appropriations for the community services block grant program.

Extends appropriations authority for the community food and nutrition program through FY 1989.

Includes within the definition of eligible entities those programs which came into existence in FY 1982 as direct successors to community action agencies and meet specified board composition requirements.

Establishes procedures which the Secretary of Health and Human Services must follow in reviewing State funding termination for a community action agency or migrant or seasonal farmworker organization. Directs the Secretary to assume responsibility for providing financial assistance if a State terminates funding prior to hearing and review.

Requires: (1) grant evaluations to consider the impact of program funds on children, homeless families, and the elderly poor; and (2) evaluation results to be submitted annually to appropriate congressional committees.

Authorizes the Secretary to fund national conferences, newsletters, and information collection and dissemination as part of such grant program's training activities.

Gives priority to rural community assistance programs under the special emphasis program on rural housing and community facilities development.

Directs the Secretary to: (1) appoint an Advisory Panel to hold a national conference on the problems of poverty; and (2) reserve a specified amount from administrative expenses for such purpose.

Authorizes the Secretary to make matching grants for demonstration projects dealing with poverty problems common to a number of communities. Permits grants to be made only for projects which: (1) can be closely coordinated with ongoing programs; (2) involve significant new resource combinations or partnership agreements; or (3) will promote the purposes of the Community Services Block Grant Act. Authorizes FY 1987 through 1989 appropriations.

Title V: Child Development Associate Scholarship Assistance Program - Child Development Associate Scholarship Assistance Act of 1986 - Authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services to make a grant for any fiscal year to any State receiving a grant under title XX (Grants to States for Services) of the Social Security Act to enable the State to award scholarships to eligible individuals within the State who are candidates for the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential.

Sets forth requirements for State applications for such grants and for distribution of such grants throughout the Nation.

Defines "eligible individual" as a candidate for the CDA credential whose income does not exceed a specified poverty line by more than 50 percent.

Requires States receiving such grants to submit specified program information to the Secretary annually.

Authorizes FY 1987 through 1989 appropriations.

Title VI: Children's Justice - Children's Justice Act - Amends the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (the Act) to authorize a Children's Justice Grant Program.

Authorizes the Secretary of Health and Human Services (the Secretary), under such program, to make grants (in addition to other grants made under specified provisions of the Act) to assist States in developing or operating programs or procedures for: (1) handling child abuse cases (especially sexual abuse) in a manner which reduces the trauma to child victims; (2) improving the chances of successful prosecution or legal action against individuals who abuse children (especially individuals who sexually abuse children); or (3) improving procedures for protecting children from abuse.

Permits applications for such grants to be made, as the State Governor determines, by either the State agency which administers funds received under specified provisions of the Act or the appropriate statewide law enforcement agency which has developed a child abuse program which meets specified requirements.

Requires, in order for a State to qualify for such grants, that it: (1) establish a multidisciplinary task force; and (2) adopt reforms recommended by such task force with regard to the programs and procedures in each of the three categories described above. Waives such requirements if a State: (1) has established a multidisciplinary task force with substantially the same functions within the three years prior to enactment of this Act; and (2) is making, and will continue to make, satisfactory progress with regard to the programs or procedures in each of the three categories described above. Allows a State to adopt its task force's recommended reforms in only one or two of such categories, but requires the State to give a detailed explanation to the Secretary if it fails to adopt any such recommendation in any category.

Sets forth requirements and guidelines relating to such multidisciplinary task force and to such three categories of programs and procedures.

Sets forth grant application requirements.

Amends the Victims of Crime Act of 1984 to increase the level of the Crime Victims Fund. Provides that a specified amount from such Fund shall be made available to the Secretary for child abuse prevention and treatment grants under the Act. Directs the Attorney General to make grants for crime victim assistance programs.

Directs the Secretary, through the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, to help States identify effective approaches to achieving the objectives of this Act through: (1) compiling and disseminating to each State a summary and evaluation of approaches being used, developed, or proposed, along with other helpful materials or information; (2) developing and disseminating to appropriate State officials model training materials and procedures; and (3) supporting research projects.

Directs the Secretary, within two years after the date funds are first obligated for this Act, to: (1) review and evaluate the effectiveness of activities carried out with such funds in achieving the objectives of this Act; and (2) report to the appropriate committees of the Congress on the results of such review and evaluation and on the steps taken by the Secretary, through the Center, to assist States in achieving such objectives. Requires that the summary, materials, and information be made available to appropriate State officials within 180 days after enactment of this Act.

Sets forth requirements for coordination of Federal programs involving child abuse prevention and treatment. Requires a meeting for such purpose by specified Federal officials, or their designees, within 180 days of the enactment of this Act and every six months thereafter. Directs the Secretary, within one year of the enactment of this Act and annually thereafter, to report to the Congress on Federal agency coordination of programs involving child abuse prevention and treatment.

Directs the Attorney General to modify the offense classification system (which is used by the National Crime Information Center in its Interstate Identification Index, and by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in its Criminal File and its Uniform Crime Reporting System) with respect to offenses involving sexual exploitation of children by: (1) including the age of the victim and the victim's relationship to the offenders; and (2) using a uniform definition of a child.

Amends the Public Health Service Act to provide that nothing in specified provisions of such Act shall be construed to supersede the application of State and local requirements for the reporting of suspected child abuse to the appropriate State or local authorities.

Title VII: Excellence in Education - Amends the Excellence in Education Act to make a technical amendment relating to funding for programs under such Act.

Title VIII: Treatment of Bat Boys and Bat Girls Under Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 - Amends the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 to make minimum wage, overtime, and child labor provisions inapplicable to bat boys or bat girls for league baseball teams under specified conditions.

Title IX: Designation of Regional Primate Research Center Designation Authorized - Directs the Secretary of Health and Human Services to designate a specified laboratory as a Regional Primate Research Center.

Title X: Beginning Reading Instruction Study and Listing - Directs the Secretary of Education to conduct a study in order to complete a list of beginning reading instruction programs. Directs the Secretary to submit to the Congress a final report of such listing within 12 months after the enactment of this Act. Directs the Secretary to publicize and disseminate nationally the listing to the education community, parents, and other interested parties.