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"Yesterday in Congress" provides easy access to legislation introduced, reported, passed, and considered by the full House or Senate each legislative day. Totals for This Congress are calculated below. The most recent legislative business day is listed first. Note that bills may pass in both the House and Senate on the same day, so daily totals might not equal the sum of House plus Senate totals. Bills the president has acted on are in the last column.

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Totals by Session

Date Bills and Resolutions All Bills, Resolutions, and Amendments
('Totals' include Executive Branch Actions)
Introduced Reported Passed
1st Session [5619] House [474] House [668] House [6258] House
[2714] Senate [271] Senate [439] Senate [5060] Senate
[8333] Total [736] Total [970] Total [10708] Total
2nd Session [722] House [118] House [140]