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[House Prints 114-29]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]


                             OCTOBER 1, 2015
                       RULES COMMITTEE PRINT 114-29 
                  TEXT OF H.R. 702, To ADAPT TO CHANGING
                       CRUDE OIL MARKET CONDITIONS. 

   [Showing the text of the bill as reported by the Committee on 
            Energy and Commerce with modifications.] 

2    The Congress finds the following:  

3        (1)  The  United  States has  enjoyed  a  renms- 

4    sance  in energy production, establishing the United  

5    States as the world's leading oil producer.  

6        (2) By authorizing crude oil exports, the Con- 

7    gress  can  spur  domestic  energy production,  create  

8    and preserve jobs, help maintain and strengthen our  

9    independent shipping fleet  that is  essential  to  na- 

10   tional defense, and generate State and Federal reve- 

11   nues.  

12       (3) An energy-secure United States that is a 

13   net exporter of energy has the potential to transform 

14   the security environment around the world, notably 

15   in Europe and the Middle East. 

16       (4) For our European allies and Israel, the 

17   presence of more United States oil in the market 
18   will offer more secure supply options, which will

October 1, 2015 (11:06 a.m.)