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Committee Schedule

This schedule combines announcements about future House and Senate committee meetings and hearings for the selected day. Data sources for this schedule are the House Committee Repository and Hearings & Meetings on Senate.gov. About Committee Data provides additional information. For links to House and Senate calendars and schedules, see Floor Calendars.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020 | Weekly View Previous Day | Today | Next Day

9:00 AM (EDT) | Details

Senate Amendments to H.R. 925—America's Conservation Enhancement Act [The Heroes Act]

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

Border Security, Facilitation, and Operations Subcommittee

“Examining DHS' Management of Trusted Traveler Programs”

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

“Unsustainable Drug Prices: Testimony from the CEOs (Part I and Part II)”

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

Health Subcommittee

MISSION Critical: Assessing Community Care Wait Times

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

“How COVID-19 is Impacting Small Businesses Across the Food System

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

Full Committee Business Meeting (Closed)

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

H.R. 8408, the "Aircraft Certification Reform and Accountability Act"; H.R. 8266, the "FEMA Assistance Relief Act of 2020"; Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute (ANS) to H.R. 4358, the...

H.R.8326, H.R.5919, H.R.4358, H.R.8266, H.R.4611

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations Subcommittee

Democratic Backsliding in Sub-Saharan Africa

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

Business meeting to consider the nomination of Chad F. Wolf, of Virginia, to be Secretary of Homeland Security.


10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

An oversight hearing to examine the Crossfire Hurricane Investigation.

10:00 AM (EDT) | Details

Hearings to examine NASA missions and programs, focusing on update and future plans.

11:30 AM (EDT) | Details

Environment Subcommittee

Coping with Compound Crises: Extreme Weather, Social Injustice, and a Global Pandemic

11:30 AM (EDT) | Details

Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee

“Pathway to a Vaccine: Ensuring a Safe and Effective Vaccine People Will Trust” - Virtual Hearing

12:00 PM (EDT) | Details

U.S. Defense Posture Changes in the European Theater

12:00 PM (EDT) | Details

Markup of HR 244, HR 733, HR 970, HR 1248, HR 1964, HR 3225, HR 3651, HR 4135, HR 4139, HR 4840, HR 5153, HR 5458, HR 5459, HR 5472, HR 5598, HR 5852, HR 7098, HR 7099, S. 212

H.R.1248, H.R.4840, H.R.5472, H.R.4139, H.R.5459, H.R.3225, H.R.733, H.R.5598, H.R.7098, H.R.4135, H.R.1964, H.R.5153, S.212, H.R.5852, H.R.244, H.R.970, H.R.3651, H.R.7099, H.R.5458

12:00 PM (EDT) | Details

Copyright and the Internet in 2020: Reactions to the Copyright Office’s Report on the Efficacy of 17 U.S.C. § 512 After Two Decades

1:00 PM (EDT) | Details

Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Subcommittee

Indian Country COVID-19 Response and Update

2:30 PM (EDT) | Details

Technology Modernization Subcommittee

Examining VA’s Ongoing Efforts in the Electronic Health Record Modernization Program”

6:15 PM (EDT) | Details

H. Res. 1153—Condemning unwanted, unnecessary medical procedures on individuals without their full, informed consent.; H. Res. 1154—Condemning QAnon and rejecting the conspiracy theories it...