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Committee Schedule

This schedule combines announcements about future House and Senate committee meetings and hearings for the selected day. Data sources for this schedule are the House Committee Repository and Hearings & Meetings on Senate.gov. About Committees and Committee Materials provides additional information. For links to House and Senate calendars and schedules, see Floor Calendars.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021 | Weekly View Previous Day | Today | Next Day


Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Subcommittee

Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Request for The Department of Justice


Intelligence and Special Operations

Reviewing Department of Defense Strategy, Policy, and Programs for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction for Fiscal Year 2022


Economic and Consumer Policy Subcommittee

“The Urgent Need to Reform the Organ Transplantation System to Secure More Organs for Waiting, Ailing, and Dying Patients”


Energy Subcommittee

Climate and Energy Science Research at the Department of Energy


Health Subcommittee

“Negotiating a Better Deal: Legislation to Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs”


Defense Subcommittee

Fiscal Year 2022 National Guard and Reserves


Housing, Community Development, and Insurance Subcommittee

Built to Last: Examining Housing Resilience in the Face of Climate Change


The Unfolding Crisis in Burma


Transportation and Maritime Security Subcommittee

Twenty Years of Workforce Challenges: The Need for H.R. 903, the Rights for the TSA Workforce Act of 2021

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Markup on : Budget Views and Estimates Letter, H.R. 711, H.R. 1510, H.R. 1448, H.R. 2167, H.R. 2878, H.R. 234, H.R. 2195, H.R. 1948, H.R. 2911, H.R. 958, H.R. 239, H.R. 2441, H.R. 2545, H.R. 2093...


Water, Oceans, and Wildlife Subcommittee

Legislative Hearing on H.R. 160, the “Restoring Resilient Reefs Act of 2021”