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About Committee Data

Committees of the U.S. Congress is a directory of committees active in the current congress. House and Senate committee names from that directory link to committee profiles that facilitate access to business conducted and documents produced by House and Senate committees. Each profile features an interactive list of legislation and reports, and general information by and about a committee.

From committee profiles, legislation, reports, and other committee-related documents can be filtered by congress, bill type, status of legislation, subject - policy area, status of amendment (if that committee has sponsored amendments), sponsor, cosponsor, and party (of the bill sponsor).

To access printed hearings transcripts for any committee, use the "GPO Publications" link from the committee's profile, under More on This Committee.

Committee Schedule

The Committee Schedule combines announcements about future House and Senate meetings into a single calendar. Data sources for the schedule are the House Committee Repository and Hearings & Meetings on Senate.gov.

House meeting announcements are available from the Committee Schedule dating from January 2017. Future Senate meeting announcements are present from the Committee Schedule.

House and Senate meeting announcements can be searched within Congress.gov because they are published in the Daily Digest in the Congressional Record. Announcements are a good source for witness names and organizations. This search example returns the February 26, 2014 Daily Digest announcement that Seth Rogen would testify at a hearing about Alzheimer's.

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