(Extensions of Remarks - August 02, 1995)

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                        HON. ROBERT A. UNDERWOOD

                                of guam

                    in the house of representatives

                       Wednesday, August 2, 1995
  Mr. UNDERWOOD. Mr. Speaker, in the early morning hours of July 25 
(Guam Time), Guam lost one of its most prominent leaders with the 
passing of Lt. Gov. Rudolph Guerrero Sablan. ``Rudy'' as we 
affectionately called him, is survived by his beloved wife Esperanza 
``Ancha'' Cruz San Nicolas, children Rudy and Essie, and three 
grandchildren, Marie Antoinette, Jessica, and Mario.
  Rudy always excelled at whatever he was tasked to do. He graduated as 
valedictorian of Father Duenas Memorial School in 1950 and went on to 
receive a bachelor's degree in political science from Loyola University 
in Los Angeles, CA. Rudy went on to serve his country as he worked at a 
Navy Public Works Center and eventually joined the U.S. Army. Serving 
his country in Hawaii, Rudy was an intelligence analyst and area study 
specialist with the Army Psychological Warfare Unit. Rudy's outstanding 
reputation was displayed through his selection to participate in 
various special assignments throughout Asia and the Pacific.
  After his service ended, Rudy returned to his beloved island home. He 
began his service to Guam by entering the government of Guam work 
force. Within a short time, Rudy was promoted to various administration 
positions including director of labor and personnel in 1961. Impressed 
with Rudy's abilities, Gov. Manual F.L. Guerrero selected him to serve 
as assistant secretary of Guam and executive assistant to the Governor. 
During this time, Rudy had oversight over most of the executive branch 
of the executive branch of the Government of Guam.
  After the Guerrero administration ended, Rudy went on to assume roles 
in the other two branches of Guam's Government. These included the 
position of administrative director of the courts of Guam and then the 
administrative director of the 12th Guam Legislature. With experience 
in all three branches of government and with the support and consent of 
Gov. Manual Guerrero, Gov. Ricardo J. Bordallo selected Rudy to be his 
running mate in the 1974 gubernatorial elections, the second 
gubernatorial election since the Organic Act of Guam was amended to 
allow for an elected Governor of Guam. The Bordallo-Sablan ticket was 
successful and the team spent 4 years in office.
  After his years in office, Rudy was selected as general manager of 
Nanbo Insurance Underwriters, a well-respected business on Guam. 
Despite his busy and prominent lifestyle, Rudy managed to remain active 
in several community and civic organizations. These include the Young 
Men's League of Guam, the Guam Chamber of Commerce and the Chalan Pago 
Catholic Parish Organization.
  In 1983, Rudy took the helm as head of the board of directors for the 
Guam Airport Authority. Under his leadership, movements toward the 
improvement, development, and modernization of the existing airport 
facilities were established. The massive airport expansion movement 
would eventually provide more sufficient facilities for Guam to take 
advantage of its growing tourism economy.
  Despite his move to the private sector, Rudy would maintain his 
stature in Guam politics and serve as a respected Democratic Party 
elder. Commanding a respectable amount of grassroot followers, Rudy 
made three attempts to garner the support of the people of Guam and 
attain the elected office of Governor. So great was his influence that 
in 1993, he began his quest to merge the factions of the Democratic 
Party of Guam and is credited with spearheading the successful victory 
of Gov. Carl T.C. Gutierrez and Lt. Gov. Madeleine Z. Bordallo.
  From the beginning of the Gutierrez-Bordallo administration until his 
untimely death, Rudy Sablan played an integral part in the policy 
making arm of the administration. 

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Serving as the Governor's chief advisor, Rudy was also selected to be a 
member of the Commission on Self-Determination, tasked with the 
responsibility of charting Guam's future political relationship with 
the United States of America. This was his second appointment to the 
commission, the first during the Bordallo-Reyes administration of the 
island from 1983 until 1987.
  During his first term as a member of the Commission on Self-
Determination, Rudy is credited with participating in the drafting of 
the Guam Commonwealth Draft Act. His participation was highlighted with 
his expertise in airlines, travel, and communications. Rudy continued 
his support for the Commonwealth Act after the Bordallo-Reyes 
administration ended. Most notably he testified at the only 
congressional hearings to have been held on the Guam Commonwealth Draft 
Act in Honolulu, HI, during December 1989. Entrusted by the Governor, 
Rudy joined the other members of Team Guam and participated in the 1995 
Base Reuse and Realignment Commission hearings held in San Francisco 
this past year.
  It is with a sense of great loss that another distinguished island 
leader has passed away before the political status issues between Guam 
and the United States are resolved. It is for this reason, Mr. Speaker, 
that I especially mourn the loss of Lieutenant Governor Sablan. His 
perseverance on these issues will not go unnoticed. I am committed to 
continue his legacy of leadership in this realm. May his lifelong 
commitment to these issues not be neglected by our Federal Government 
and energize the people of Guam.
  Mr. Speaker, as Guam mourns the death of this fine leader, let us pay 
him tribute by honoring him in our body today. He will be remembered as 
a strong and highly respected gentleman. Let him serve as a model of 
what an exceptional citizen should be, here as in Guam. He was a good 
friend, one of Guam's most respected leaders and a great contributor to 
Guam's struggle for dignity with its relationship with the Federal 
Government and the world.