(Extensions of Remarks - September 28, 1995)

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                            HON. MARK FOLEY

                               of florida

                    in the house of representatives

                      Thursday, September 28, 1995

  Mr. FOLEY. Mr. Speaker, today I rise to insert into the Record a 
speech by Ms. Marion P. Hammer. Ms. Hammer addressed the American 
Legion at their National Education Award Program. This speech discusses 
the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program for Children. The program was 
recognized by the American Legion for educating our Nation's youth 
about right and wrong when it comes to firearms. I applaud Ms. Hammer 
for this program and for her excellent presentation.

 Speech by Ms. Marion P. Hammer to the Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program 
                              for Children

       The American Legion and the National Rifle Association of 
     America are perhaps the two most dedicated, patriotic, 
     country-flag-Constitution-and-freedom loving organizations in 
       And I am deeply honored to have an opportunity to stand 
     before one of those organizations to represent the other.
       Both organizations, founded in the bedrock of Liberty by 
     military officers and enlisted men, dedicated themselves to 
     principles of FREEDOM, PATRIOTISM and JUSTICE. Both 
     organizations have become a part of the fiber and fabric of 
     our nation's history.
       The National Rifle Association of America, founded in 
     November, 1871, has a distinguished history of education and 
     training. Established to teach the skills of marksmanship and 
     training to defend and protect our great nation and the 
     Freedom provided by our Constitution, the NRA in the nation's 
     leader in firearms safety and training.
       And, the NRA is the sentry that stands watch over the 
     Second Amendment--the amendment that guarantees our right to 
     keep and bear arms and assures our ability to defend our 
     nation and ourselves.
       The American Legion, was conceived in March, 1919, at the 
     Caucus in Paris, France by battle weary patriots waiting to 
     return home from the physical battle to preserve Freedom in 
     World War I. These brave men and women who had given so much 
     of themselves to our nation, were destined to continue their 
     sacrifice as they organized to preserve our nation's future 
     in peace time as well as in battle.
       The spirit and love of America beats strong in the hearts 
     of our two great organizations that are committed to the 
     future through the programs we provide for the youth of 
       In 1918, the words of William Tyler Page were adopted by 
     the United States House of Representatives as the ``AMERICAN 
     CREED.'' And within that creed are some very moving words. 
     William Tyler Page wrote that this Nation was:
       ``[E]stablished upon the principles of freedom, equality, 
     justice and humanity for which American patriots sacrificed 
     their lives and fortunes. I therefore believe it is my duty 
     to my country to love it, to support its Constitution, to 
     obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against 
     all enemies.''
       Defend it against all enemies. Strong words with deep 
       Since our forefathers carved America out of the wilderness, 
     our nation has faced many enemies. American patriots for 
     generations, have made many sacrifices for freedom.
       In 1945, in enemy action at Okinawa, my father added his 
     name to the long role call of American patriots who have paid 
     the ultimate price--who have given their lives to the cause 
     of freedom. The role call is long, the sacrifices are many, 
     and those of us who breathe freedom's air today, owe them. 
     And we owe the men and women who came home bearing the scars 
     of battle. We have a duty to continue in their footsteps. We 
     owe it to them to carry America's flag against our enemies 
     until we can hand it over to the next generation.
       Today, America has new enemies. Enemies that are tearing at 
     the fabric of our heritage and our society. Those enemies are 
     moral decay, disrespect, parental neglect, dependence on 
     government, and phony quick fix government solutions to 
     complex social problems.
       America's children are the victims of those enemies.
       Because we love our country, our flag, our Constitution and 
     our Freedom, we have a duty to America's youngsters. They are 
     the future of America. We must love and nurture them. We must 
     teach them values and strengths. Teach them discipline, self-
     reliance, respect and honor. Teach them to love America and 
     what it stand for.
       Through your youth programs and our youth programs, we are 
     making a difference. And working together with other 
     community groups we can make an even bigger difference.
       The NRA's Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program for young children 
     is about much more than just teaching safety.
       Youngsters learn safety but they also learn respect for 
     guns and at the same time they learn respect for themselves 
     when they gain knowledge.
       They learn to resist temptation and not to touch a gun left 
     carelessly unattended--that's discipline.
       They learn to leave the area and make their friends and 
     playmates leave the area--that's leadership.
       They learn to quickly find and inform an adult of an unsafe 
     situation--that's responsibility.
       And when an adult has removed the gun and the area safe 
     again, they learn pride and 

[[Page E 1865]]
     a sense of accomplishment and self-worth for having used their 
     knowledge and skills.
       In our youth marksmanship programs and youth hunting 
     programs they learn values other than how to shoot safely and 
     accurately. They learn concentration, commitment, 
     sportsmanship, self-reliance, teamwork, citizenship, and 
     conservation of our natural resources--values that are just 
     as important as skills.
       I am a mother and a grandmother and I know that when NRA 
     reaches out and takes the hand of a child we are touching 
     America's future.
       I know that when you love a child and give your time and 
     patience to teaching values, patriotism, and skills, you are 
     investing in the future.
       I know that when you win the heart of a child and enrich 
     his or her life with knowledge, you are building a solid 
     foundation for the next generation.
       I know that within the body of this nation, the hearts of 
     many children long for someone to reach out to them with 
     kindness, knowledge and guidance.
       The NRA is committed to expanding our programs, to reaching 
     out to more children and to investing in the future by 
     helping to instill values and to build character in the 
     youngsters we touch throughout America.
       Today, you have honored the National Rifle Association of 
     America for its Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program and I am 
     privileged to be here to accept your award.
       And I am proud to tell you that this program has now been 
     taught to over 7 million youngsters--7 million youngsters 
     whom we hope will be the safest generation our nation has 
     ever seen.
       On behalf of the NRA, I thank you sincerely for this honor, 
     and I promise you that I am committed to doing everything 
     that I can to help the NRA continue its mission of teaching 
     America's youth the fundamentals of what made our nation 
       If we all work together to fulfill our duty to our country 
     and to the dedicated men and women who have given so much to 
     keep us free, our children and our grandchildren and 
     generations to follow them will learn to love their freedom, 
     their country, their flag, their Constitution and themselves.
       Thank you--each and every one of you--for the sacrifices 
     you have made for our country. God bless you all, and God 
     bless America.