TRIBUTE TO BUCKY MILLER; Congressional Record Vol. 142, No. 50
(Senate - April 18, 1996)

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                        TRIBUTE TO BUCKY MILLER

  Mr. HEFLIN. Mr. President, one of the most interesting people and 
charming characters I have met in my lifetime is Aura J. ``Bucky'' 
Miller, who celebrates the 55th anniversary of first coming to work at 
the Marriott Grand Hotel Resort and Golf Club in Point Clear, AL, on 
April 18, 1996. He just celebrated his 79th birthday on April 12 and, 
thankfully, has no plans to retire.
  As an associate at the Grand Hotel over the course of these many 
years, Bucky Miller has become the very embodiment of hospitality. For 
many years, he has served as the hotel's resident expert on mint 
juleps, all-around hospitality ambassador, and official historian. He 
is well-known throughout Alabama and the South. Once he meets a guest, 
he never forgets the name or face. He has taken care of a seemingly 
endless number of politicians, sports figures, actors, and business 
people who have been guests at the hotel over the decades.
  As an extraordinary hospitality ambassador, he has received a great 
deal of recognition and attention for his natural skills in making 
people feel welcome and comfortable. In 1989, the town of Fairhope, 
which is near Point Clear, declared the first week of June ``Bucky 
Miller Week.'' That same year, he was chosen along with 17 other 
Marriott associates nationwide to receive the J.W. Marriott Award of 
Excellence in recognition of exceptional hospitality skills.
  As a people-person, Bucky has a caring attitude that really endears 
him to his guests. He has a talent for making people feel like they are 
  Over the years, Bucky has worked as a housekeeping aide, wine 
steward, bartender, and kitchen steward. He left the hotel for a time 
to serve in World War II and to teach mathematics, but soon returned 
for good saying, ``This hotel is in my blood.'' His outgoing 
personality soon earned him the title ``Mr. Hospitality,'' and resulted 
in a continuous flow of favorable guest comments and feature articles 
in newspapers and magazines.
  His legendary mint juleps, which he makes from his own recipe with 
fresh mint he grows in a garden outside the lounge, are internationally 
known. Seagram's published his recipe in its recipe book and named 
Bucky one of the country's 100 best bartenders. Bucky's other 
specialties include his country lemonade, the Grand Hotel brunch punch, 
and his hot mint toddy.
  An avid sports fan, he is well-known for his philosophical 
conversations about football with such notable figures as Alabama Coach 
``Bear'' Bryant and sportscaster Howard Cosell.
  I am proud to be among those many privileged patrons of the Grand 
Hotel to have enjoyed the unique charm and natural hospitality of Bucky 
Miller over the years. He has always practiced what he preaches, which 
is, ``Let simplicity, sincerity, and service be your motto.'' As I look 
toward retirement, I want to thank and commend him for all his hard 
work and achievements. I am looking forward to enjoying more of his 
simplicity, sincerity, and service when I return to Alabama next year.