ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS; Congressional Record Vol. 142, No. 90
(Senate - June 18, 1996)

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                         ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS


                         HAMPSHIRE LEGISLATURE

 Mr. SMITH. Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute to 
Daniel Healy as he celebrates the completion of 50 years as a New 
Hampshire State lawmaker. Dan Healy is the longest serving State 
legislator in the history of

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New Hampshire and the United States. I commend him and thank him for 
his long career of service to the Granite State.
  Representative Healy, a Democrat from Manchester, currently holds the 
honorary title of Dean of the House. Mr. Healy is the longest serving 
State legislator in the history of New Hampshire and the United States. 
First elected in 1944, he is the only person in the state's history to 
be elected 25 times to the New Hampshire House.
  Dan is the son of an Irish immigrant, attended Georgetown School of 
Law and began his career as a lawyer. He has seen the terms of 11 
Presidents as well as 12 New Hampshire Governors. In addition, he was a 
delegate to the 1938, 1964, and 1974 constitutional conventions. He has 
seen the beginning and the end of the cold war in office. Daniel was 
serving the city of Manchester as it celebrated its 100th anniversary, 
and he is still serving as the city celebrates its 150th anniversary 
this year. Secretary of State Bill Gardener says of the 88-year-old 
Healy that it is his ``conservative nature and Yankee sensibility'' 
that brought him success and longevity.
  Daniel Healy's career bears the marks of dignity and distinction from 
its earliest days. He epitomizes the concept of public servant, 
faithfully representing his constituents for the past 50 years. Their 
confidence in him is apparent as he completes his 25th consecutive term 
in office. As he has been in ill health, the 50th anniversary 
celebration marks his first visit to the State House this year. His 
record of public service to the State of New Hampshire is outstanding, 
having devoted his life to serving the Granite State. The public trust 
has been and continues to be safe in the hands of Dan Healy.
  I commend Dan Healy for his long career of excellence in public 
office. He is a New Hampshire institution and I would like to take this 
opportunity to wish him well. I hope that New Hampshire may continue to 
be blessed by his faithful leadership and dedication.