ORDER OF PROCEDURE; Congressional Record Vol. 142, No. 125
(Senate - September 12, 1996)

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                           ORDER OF PROCEDURE

  Mr. LOTT. A lot of effort has gone into the Treasury-postal bill. We 
have dealt with a number of issues. We have been on this bill 25 hours 
and 38 minutes. I think perhaps we are tired and we need to see if we 
can go on to something else. I encourage the managers to continue 
working. If they can come back with a list of amendments we could get 
done in 4 hours, we would consult, try to get the Treasury-postal bill 
done. We have put a lot of effort into it. I think in view of 
everything that has gone on here and recognizing where we are now, with 
second-degree amendments and an amendment pending by the leader, I just 
do not see how we can get through extended debate tonight and a lot of 
  What we would like to do now is to pull down the Treasury bill, and 
go to the Interior appropriations bill in the morning at 9:30. If we 
could get an agreement on taking that up, then there would not be any 
votes tomorrow as we try to be cooperative with our Members that have a 
holiday that is very important to them tomorrow.
  We will be working on other issues. We would like to get the Magnuson 
fisheries bill through. There is an interest on both sides in getting 
that done. If we could get in touch with the interested players and get 
that done in the morning we would do that and not go to the Interior 
  With regard to Monday, we would like to continue working on the 
Interior appropriations bill. The managers have indicated we can make 
progress on that. I understand, perhaps, even amendments dealing with 
grazing could be considered on Monday, or perhaps we could go to the 
aviation authorization, the FAA authorization bill. A lot of good work 
has been done on that by Senator McCain, Senator Ford, Senator Stevens, 
a number of Senators. So if we can get a time agreement on that we 
would take that up and then go to the Interior appropriations bill and 
we would have votes, then, on Tuesday morning.
  We announced earlier that an amendment by the Senator from California 
would not be taken up before Tuesday. We have one other amendment that 
we would want to say would not be taken up before Tuesday on the 
Interior appropriations bill. I do not think there is a problem with 
that. I do not like setting a precedent of saying, ``OK, this Senator's 
amendment will not be considered until a day certain.'' These are both 
in recognition of the Jewish holiday, and the fact that we will be on 
Interior a good bit next week, I do not see that any damage is done by 
doing it that way.