SENATOR HOWELL HEFLIN; Congressional Record Vol. 142, No. 141
(Senate - October 03, 1996)

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                         SENATOR HOWELL HEFLIN

  Mr. LOTT. Mr. President, does the Senator from Alabama have anything? 
Is he willing to allow us to wrap this up? I know he is enjoying these 
last few moments that he is sitting here as a Senator. We all have 
enjoyed working with him so much. I found it interesting that he is 
here watching these last few moments. Would you like to leave one last 
word for posterity?
  Mr. HEFLIN. It has sort of been a historical sine die session. This 
being my last few moments in the Senate, I though I would be here and 
watch this historic event. Thank you.
  Mr. LOTT. We felt you presence.
  Mr. HEFLINN. Thank you.

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  Mr. LOTT. We wish you Godspeed in all you do.
  Does the Senator from Florida wish to speak?
  Mr. GRAHAM addressed the Chair.
  The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Florida.
  Mr. GRAHAM. Mr. President, I wish to add my voice, first to the great 
warmth of which we feel towards our esteemed colleague from Alabama and 
how much we will miss his presence. And I appreciate the leadership 
that has been provided by both the majority and minority leaders during 
the session.