(Extensions of Remarks - November 19, 1999)

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                        HON. JAMES C. GREENWOOD

                            of pennsylvania

                    in the house of representatives

                      Thursday, November 18, 1999

  Mr. GREENWOOD. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Planned 
Parenthood Association of Bucks County (PPABC) on its 35th anniversary, 
and the fine people who work to ensure the men and women in our area 
have access to the highest quality health services available. I 
especially want to thank the leadership of Linda Hahn, CEO, and Sandra 
Trainer, Chair of the Board, for guiding PPABC in its efforts.
  PPABC has served Bucks County well. It is dedicated to the principles 
that every individual has a fundamental right to decide when or whether 
to have a child, and that every child should be wanted and loved.
  Each year, Planned Parenthood health centers like the five in Bucks 
County provide high quality, affordable reproductive health care and 
sexual health information. PPABC is made up of highly trained, 
dedicated and thoughtful people. While they come from different walks 
of life, they are uniformly committed to ensuring that men and women 
have access to the care they need.
  Each Planned Parenthood affiliate is a unique, locally governed 
health service organization that reflects the diverse needs of its 
community. PPABC health centers offer a wide range of services to its 
13,000 patients each year, including providing comprehensive, 
confidential, reproductive health services; providing education and 
counseling services which promote healthy human sexuality; and 
protecting and advocating for reproductive rights and services. They 
encourage communication between adolescents and parents to help nourish 
the bonds that hold families together. In our day and age, children and 
teens must be armed with the knowledge to deal with serious issues such 
as sexuality, drugs, communicable diseases, and, in unfortunate 
circumstances, abortion. The men and women at PPABC help guide these 
difficult decisions, and the people of Bucks County are better off for 
their assistance.
  Planned Parenthood Association of Bucks County is committed to 
helping people become active supporters and advocates for reproductive 
health. Quite frankly, Mr. Speaker, they help me understand the needs 
and concerns of the men and women in my district, and I am better able 
to use that information to effectuate change and prevent back peddling 
in this Congress. They are a critical resource for me, and I am truly 
thankful for their valued input.
  I congratulate the Planned Parenthood Association of Bucks County for 
35 years of dedicated, tireless service, and wish them continued 
success in their next 35 years.