SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS; Congressional Record Vol. 147, No. 178
(Senate - December 20, 2001)

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                         SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS


                             OF KAZAKHSTAN

  Mr. BROWNBACK submitted the following resolution; which was 
considered and agreed to:

                              S. Res. 194

       Whereas, on December 16, 2001, Kazakhstan will celebrate 10 
     years of independence;
       Whereas, since gaining its independence, Kazakhstan has 
     made significant strides in becoming a stable and peaceful 
     nation that provides economic opportunity for its people;
       Whereas Kazakhstan continues to face political, ethnic, 
     economic, and environmental challenges;
       Whereas Kazakhstan plays an important role in Central Asia 
     by virtue of its large territory, ample natural resources, 
     and strategic location;
       Whereas the Department of Energy estimates that Kazakhstan 
     has up to 17,600,000,000 barrels of proven petroleum reserves 
     and up to 83,000,000,000,000 cubic feet of proven natural gas 
       Whereas Kazakhstan has successfully partnered with United 
     States companies in the development of its petroleum and 
     natural gas resources;
       Whereas in November 2001, the Caspian Pipeline Consortium 
     was inaugurated, providing the first major pipeline to bring 
     the Caspian energy resources to the world market;
       Whereas the United States private sector contributed nearly 
     50 percent of the $2,600,000,000 Caspian Pipeline Consortium 
       Whereas Kazakhstan, under the leadership of President 
     Nursultan Nazarbaev, has fully cooperated with the United 
     States on national security concerns, including combating 
     nuclear proliferation, international crime, and narcotics 
       Whereas, since September 11, 2001, cooperation with 
     Kazakhstan and other Central Asian States, specifically 
     Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, has become even more important to 
     the ability of the United States to protect the United States 
     homeland; and
       Whereas Kazakhstan has extended all due cooperation to the 
     United States in fighting a war against international 
     terrorism: Now, therefore, be it
       Resolved, That the Senate--
       (1) congratulates the people of Kazakhstan and its 
     government, on the tenth anniversary of its independence;
       (2) welcomes the partnership between the Government of 
     Kazakhstan and United States companies in developing its 
     natural resources in an environmentally sustainable manner;
       (3) applauds the cooperation between the Government of 
     Kazakhstan and the Government of the United States on matters 
     of national security and is grateful for the full cooperation 
     of Kazakhstan in the war against international terrorism;
       (4) encourages the Government of Kazakhstan to continue to 
     make progress in the areas of institutionalizing democracy, 
     respecting human rights, reducing corruption, and 
     implementing broad-based market reforms; and
       (5) looks forward to further enhancing the economic, 
     political, and national security cooperation between 
     Kazakhstan and the United States.