(Senate - May 15, 2002)

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 Mr. LEVIN. Mr. President, I ask that the Senate join me in 
congratulating Michigan State University's Debate Team. These bright 
young men and women recently won this year's Cross Examination Debate 
Association Seasonal National Championship--the most prestigious 
national college debating title.
  As I am sure many of my colleagues in this room can appreciate, 
debating is a skill that requires enormous preparation, great 
intelligence and the ability to think and speak quickly. Michigan State 
University's Debate Team has repeatedly excelled in these areas, 
establishing itself as one of the finest debate teams in the nation. In 
fact, since 1994 the team has finished no worse than fifth in the 
competition, and it recorded another first place finish in 1996. This 
is a spectacular record of achievement that is the source of great 
pride for the University and for the State of Michigan.
  We often come to this floor to congratulate the hard work and 
dedication of the student athletes from our states who have won 
national championships on the basketball court or the football field, 
whose competitions are shown on television and whose victories are 
written about in newspapers. However, the young men and women who 
compete with their quick minds and sharp wit deserve just as much of an 
accolade as those who compete with quick legs or strong arms. The 
debate season lasts virtually the entire academic year. From August to 
April the team spends countless hours every week studying, analyzing, 
researching and practicing. The commitment that these young people have 
shown to competition is unrivaled.
  Director of Debate Jason Trice, Head Coach William Repko and 
Assistant Coaches Alison Woidan and Michael Eber did an excellent job 
of preparing this year's team. The full roster of that team is Anjali 
Vats, Geoff Lundeen, Maggie Ryan, Job Gillenwater, John Rood, Austin 
Carson, Calum Matheson, Greta Stahl, Suzanne Sobotka, John Groen, Gabe 
Murillo, Amber Watkins, Aaron Hardy and David Strauss. I can think of 
no better place for these young men and women to be congratulated than 
in the Congressional Record of the U.S. Senate, an institution known 
for its history of great debaters.
  I know that all these individuals, as well as their families and 
friends, are incredibly proud of their accomplishments. I also know 
that Michigan State University is thrilled to have this honor. In 
addition to adding my own congratulations I would also like to wish 
these young men and women the best of luck in defending their 
championship next year and extending the proud record of accomplishment 
for which this team has come to be known. I know that my Senate 
colleagues join me in congratulating Michigan State University's Debate 
Team for their victory as National Champions of the Cross Examination 
Debate Association.