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                        TRIBUTE TO CALVIN WENDEL


                          HON. ROSA L. DeLAURO

                             of connecticut

                    in the house of representatives

                        Monday, December 8, 2003

  Ms. DeLAURO. Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay special tribute to Calvin 
Wendel, whose quiet and dedicated service along Interstate 95 in 
Milford, Connecticut has helped keep our nation's highways safe and 
important goods and services moving through our region for the last 43 
  Cal has worked at the Secondi Bros. Truck Stop in Milford since it 
opened on July 1, 1960. With no other major truck stops in the area, it 
is highly visible and known in the truck stop industry due to its 
location. It is the first truck stop in New England off Interstate 95 
that drivers come in contact with after leaving New Jersey. Over 
120,000 vehicles a day travel past exit 40, Interstate 95 where Secondi 
is located, and the trucks that stop for service at Secondi are part of 
a fleet transporting over 72 percent of the goods we have at our homes 
and in our businesses.
  During his tenure at the Secondi Truck and Tire Repair Unit, Cal has 
serviced over 74,000 trucks. Over the years, his expertise has 
contributed to the safety and economic security of every one of us. 
Yet, as much as his technical experience is respected by those who stop 
regularly at Secondi on their way through Connecticut, it is the 
personal touch he adds to his service and extends to those around him, 
dedication, high values, and respect for people, that have endeared him 
to his customers and peers.
  As one of my constituents once said, ``Trucks keep America rolling!'' 
I urge my colleagues to join with me to honor the service Calvin Wendel 
has provided to all of us over the years, helping to keep American 
trucks rolling.