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                          HONORABLE JIM KOLBE

                               of arizona

                    in the house of representatives

                        Monday, December 8, 2003

  Mr. KOLBE. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to enter into the Congressional 
Record a tribute to Charles D. ``Chuck'' Anderson, Raytheon's Vice 
President, Air-to-Air Missiles in Tucson, Arizona who is retiring after 
over 40 years of dedicated and faithful service to the defense of our 
great Nation.
  From the time Chuck was a boy, his patriotic fervor and love of 
country formed the foundation for all he has accomplished to date. In 
the 1950s, when the face and ambitions of our American youth began to 
change, Chuck chose the difficult path and served with the California 
National Guard as a paratooper. After his National Guard tour, Chuck 
selected the toughest, most disciplined course of study earning a 
Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics from California 
State Polytechnic University in 1961. In 1972, he received a Master of 
Science degree in Systems Engineering at the University of Southern 
  Chuck, the man, is more than just America's premier designer and 
builder of our most capable weapons. He is a true patriot and champion 
for the American dream. When asked to perform in the hustle and bustle 
of Corporate America, with the ever present hunger for profits and 
earnings, Chuck always asked one question first, ``Is this good for the 
Warfighter . . . will this save American lives on the battlefield?'' By 
that creed he lives his life, both professionally and personally. 
During his quarterly, ``All Hands'' Leadership meetings, Chuck always 
ended his session with a 30 minute discussion on what it means to be an 
American. Love of Country, Love of Freedom were always the major themes 
of his closing comments. This theme in particular, defines Chuck 
Anderson and serves as the driving force behind this American Patriot.
  Apart from his role as America's ``Missileman,'' Chuck took an active 
leadership role in one of this country's premier Leadership Learning 
Laboratories, The Boy Scouts of America. As an Adult Leader, Chuck 
imparted his wealth of lifetime experiences, patriotism, and 
charismatic leadership to this unique group of American youth. The 
leaders of tomorrow will long remember Chuck's lessons of life, pursuit 
of excellence, and responsibility. When he was not paying back to the 
country he loves, Chuck took time to revel in his two greatest hobbies: 
flying antique model airplanes and listening to American Rock and Roll. 
In fact, his knowledge of Rock and Roll is so great, Chuck continues to 
author numerous missives titled, ``This Date in Rock and Roll 
  Chuck Anderson is one of the select few that has consistently given 
and sacrificed for all that is good for America . . . and the 
generations of youth he has touched and continues to touch will pass on 
their strong character and moral fiber for generations to come so that 
our country remains a beacon of freedom and leadership throughout the 
world. I am certain that my colleagues will join me in wishing Chuck 
and his wife Carolyn all the best as they venture into the next chapter 
of their lives.