(Senate - March 19, 2003)

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                         SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS


                           OF THE KOREAN WAR

  Mr. CAMPBELL submitted the following concurrent resolution; which was 
referred to the Committee on the Judiciary
       Whereas, 50 years ago, nearly 1,800,000 Americans answered 
     the call to defend freedom in South Korea and fought the 
     common foe of communism with 21 allied countries under the 
     banner of the United Nations;
       Whereas the United States suffered casualties of 36,577 
     killed, 103,284 wounded, and 8,166 still missing in action 
     during the Korean War in some of the most horrific conditions 
     in the history of warfare;
       Whereas 2003 marks the final year of the United States' 
     50th Anniversary of the Korean War Commemoration;
       Whereas our Korean War veterans did not receive the proper 
     welcome home, thanks, or recognition for selfless service and 
     sacrifice that had been given to veterans of previous wars;
       Whereas the bravery and sacrifices of our Korean War 
     veterans and their families and next of kin should be 
     properly honored and recognized, and the American people wish 
     to join in thanking and honoring Korean War veterans and 
     their families;
       Whereas it is important to include the history of the 
     Korean War in the curricula of our schools so that future 
     generations will learn about and appreciate the sacrifices of 
     our Korean War heroes; and
       Whereas the final year of the 50th Anniversary of the 
     Korean War Commemoration should be recognized by a national 
     effort of programs and activities to officially thank, honor, 
     and welcome home our Korean War veterans, and to officially 
     thank and honor their families and next of kin: Now, 
     therefore, be it
       Resolved by the Senate (the House of Representatives 
     concurring), That Congress--
       (1) shall assemble in the Chamber of the House of 
     Representatives on [__] for the purpose of declaring to the 
     Nation and the world that the American people will never 
     forget our veterans or those who served our Nation on the 
     home front during the Korean War;
       (2) designates 2003 as the Year of the Korean War Veteran;
       (3) requests the President to issue a proclamation calling 
     on the people of the United States to observe 2003 with 
     appropriate ceremonies and activities to thank, honor, and 
     welcome home our Korean War veterans; and
       (4) urges the chief executives of the States, and the chief 
     executives of the political subdivisions of the States, to 
     issue a proclamation calling upon the citizens of such State 
     or political subdivision to ``Pause to Remember'' our Korean 
     War veterans and their families and next of kin with 
     appropriate ceremonies and activities.
  Mr. CAMPBELL. Mr. President, today I rise to call attention to an 
important milestone in our national history. Fifty-three years ago, 
armed forces from communist North Korea stormed across the 38th 
Parallel and brutally invaded South Korea. For the first time in 
history, a coalition of 21 nations' forces--most of them Americans--
rallied under the aegis of the United Nations to join the South Korean 
Forces in staving off the communist challenge.
  In the end, these heroes, fighting courageously under some of the 
most horrific conditions in the history of warfare, prevailed against 
the invading forces.
  An Armistice ending the hostilities in Korea and forever halting the 
spread of international communism was signed fifty years ago on 27 July 
  During the Korean War approximately 1.8 million Americans fought in

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places like the Naktong Bulge, the Pusan perimeter, Inchon, Kunu-ri, 
the ``Frozen Chosin'', Pork Chop Hill and Heartbreak Ridge.
  Nearly 37,000 Americans lost their lives, over 100,000 were wounded, 
and more than 8,000 were taken prisoner or went missing in action. Some 
50 years later, approximately 8166 Americans remain missing in action 
from the Korean War.
  Today, as we face the challenges of a new pending war and 
international terrorism we look with pride and respect to our Korean 
War veterans for their example of absolute dedication and sacrifice to 
the defense of freedom. Our Korean War veterans faced formidable odds 
and endured harsh and inhumane conditions in furthering our Nation's 
proud heritage of honor and valor in the face of overwhelming 
  As the United States marks the fiftieth Anniversary of the signing of 
the Armistice that ended the hostilities in South Korea, all Americans 
must ``Pause to Remember'' our Korean War veterans and their families 
and next of kin.
  We thank and honor all Korean War veterans with hearts filled with 
pride. Today, the Republic of Korea stands as a proud testament to the 
sacrifices of 1.8 million Americans. Today, South Koreans enjoy a 
thriving economy and taste the fruits of a marvelous democracy. During 
the year 2003, let all Americans thank and honor our Korean War 
veterans for serving Freedom and Democracy with such distinction and