TEXT OF AMENDMENTS; Congressional Record Vol. 149, No. 67
(Senate - May 07, 2003)

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                           TEXT OF AMENDMENTS

  SA 535. Mr. WARNER (for himself, Mr. Levin, Mr. Roberts, and Mr. 
Sessions) proposed an amendment to the resolution of ratification for 
Treaty Doc. 108-4, Protocols to the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 on 
the Accession of Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, 
Slovakia, and Slovenia. These protocols were opened for signature at 
Brussels on March 26, 2003, and signed that day on behalf of the United 
States and the other parties to the North Atlantic Treaty; as follows:

       At the end of section 2, add the following new declaration:
       (10) Consideration of certain issues with respect to nato 
     decision-making and membership.--
       (A) Sense of the senate.--It is the sense of the Senate 
     that, not later than the date that is eighteen months after 
     the date of the adoption of this resolution, the President 
     should place on the agenda for discussion at the North 
     Atlantic Council--
       (i) the NATO ``consensus rule''; and
       (ii) the merits of establishing a process for suspending 
     the membership in NATO of a member country that no longer 
     complies with the NATO principles of democracy, individual 
     liberty, and the rule of law set forth in the preamble to the 
     North Atlantic Treaty.
       (B) Report.--Not later than 60 days after the discussion at 
     the North Atlantic Council of each of the issues described in 
     clauses (i) and (ii) of subparagraph (A), the President shall 
     submit to the appropriate congressional committees a report 
     that describes--
       (i) the steps the United States has taken to place these 
     issues on the agenda for discussion at the North Atlantic 
       (ii) the views of the United States on these issues as 
     communicated to the North Atlantic Council by the 
     representatives of the United States to the Council;
       (iii) the discussions of these issues at the North Atlantic 
     Council, including any decision that has been reached with 
     respect to the issues;
       (iv) methods to provide more flexibility to the Supreme 
     Allied Commander Europe to plan potential contingency 
     operations before the formal approval of such planning by the 
     North Atlantic Council; and
       (v) methods to streamline the process by which NATO makes 
     decisions with respect to conducting military campaigns.