TAX RELIEF AND HEALTH CARE ACT OF 2006; Congressional Record Vol. 152, No. 136
(Extensions of Remarks - December 27, 2006)

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                 TAX RELIEF AND HEALTH CARE ACT OF 2006


                               speech of

                             HON. DAVE CAMP

                              of michigan

                    in the house of representatives

                        Friday, December 8, 2006

  Mr. CAMP of Michigan. Mr. Speaker, I am pleased that the House of 
Representatives has overwhelmingly approved legislation that extends 
meaningful tax relief to American manufacturers, families, students, 
and teachers. As the 109th Congress closes, and an era of Republican 
control ends, it is fitting that one of the last bills considered 
provides Americans with the opportunity to keep more of their hard-
earned money.
  H.R. 6111 does much more than lower taxes--it will help America keep 
its competitive edge. For example, H.R. 6111 includes incentives for 
companies to engage in research and development work, allows students 
to deduct their college tuition costs, and encourages the use of solar, 
wind, landfill gas, and other clean energy technologies. Importantly 
too, this legislation extends tax benefits for individuals and families 
to use for their health care needs through the use of health savings 
  In my view, one of the highlights of the Tax Relief and Health Care 
Act is the 2-year extension and enhancement of the research and 
development tax credit. As one of the leading advocates in the House of 
Representatives for the R&D tax credit, I am particularly pleased that 
companies will be able to use a new, Alternative Simplified Credit. The 
ASC will enable more companies to utilize the credit. As foreign-based 
R&D spending has grown faster than U.S.-based R&D spending, it is 
imperative that the U.S. offer American companies tax incentives for 
high-risk, long-term research projects. Extension and enhancement of 
the R&D credit is vitally important for companies doing business in my 
home state of Michigan. Michigan ranks as one of the top 10 states in 
reported R&D activity with more than 1,300 companies performing 
research and development in the state.
  Another tax item of significance in H.R. 6111 provides teachers with 
a $250 tax deduction for the purchase of classroom supplies, equipment, 
and other related school materials. I have long sponsored legislation 
that provides tax relief to teachers. America's K-12 teachers spend 
literally thousands of their own dollars on classroom supplies. The 
average educator spends $1,180 on non-reimbursed

[[Page E2243]]

expenses such as books, lesson materials, math flash cards, crayons, 
and countless other items that help children learn. H.R. 6111 provides 
teachers with tax relief that will help defray the significant out-of-
pocket cost of educational items for their students and classrooms.
  Regarding clean energy, this legislation will extend tax credits for 
renewable electricity production from sources such as wind, biomass, 
and landfill gas. It will also extend incentives for commercial and 
residential use of solar power. Greater tax credits and deductions will 
help lessen the higher costs typically associated with these types of 
clean energy. These incentives will also help expand consumer 
acceptance of renewable energy. And, without consumer demand, 
businesses are reluctant to develop the technologies to harness these 
energy sources. H.R. 6111 will extend current tax policies that will 
foster the development and use of clean energy.
  I appreciate Chairman Thomas' hard work in bringing this legislation 
to the floor. His skill and dedication to putting together good tax 
policy will be missed. It has been an honor serving with him on the 
House Ways and Means Committee.
  Mr. Speaker, I am proud to vote in favor of H.R. 6111 and am 
confident that these incentives will help more Americans keep more of 
what they earn while further stimulating our already robust national