SCHEDULE; Congressional Record Vol. 152, No. 27
(Senate - March 06, 2006)

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  Mr. FRIST. Mr. President, today, following my remarks and the remarks 
of the Democratic leader, we will start a period of morning business. 
We are expecting that around 2 o'clock today we will begin 
consideration of the lobbying reform bill. The two bills were reported 
last week--one by the Rules Committee and the other by the Homeland 
Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. We will proceed to the 
Rules Committee bill and offer a substitute amendment which is a 
combination of these pieces of legislation. I hope Senators will take 
advantage of the opportunity today to come down and give statements on 
lobbying reform.
  This afternoon at 5:30 we have three votes on three district court 
judges. I am not certain we will need a rollcall vote on each of these. 
But at this point Senators should anticipate up to three rollcall votes 
at 5:30.
  I should remind our colleagues that we have a cloture motion filed on 
LIHEAP, which was introduced by Senator Snowe. That cloture vote will 
occur tomorrow morning. I hope cloture will be invoked and we can 
complete that bill as quickly as possible and then return to the 
consideration of the lobbying reform legislation.
  We will have votes over the course of the week. I anticipate it is 
going to be a busy week, requiring a lot of work on the lobbying 
reform, on LIHEAP, and other issues that come forward. There are 2 
weeks remaining before our next recess. Another issue we will be 
dealing with in committee this week is the budget. We will be dealing 
with that before we leave, and issues such as the debt ceiling as well 
will be dealt with before we leave--a whole range of issues. It will be 
a busy week as we go forward.
  Let me turn to the Democratic leader--I have a brief statement on 
lobbying reform--if there are any thoughts or questions or comments 
about scheduling or issues.
  Mr. REID. Mr. President, we believe it will not be necessary to have 
a vote on the Puerto Rican judge. We will be able to do that by voice 
vote. There will be two votes. I am wondering if the leader has an 
indication as to tomorrow. What will happen after the cloture vote? Do 
we know yet?
  Mr. FRIST. Mr. President, we do not know yet. We will have some idea 
by later today. But I hope cloture will be invoked and that we can 
complete it as rapidly as possible.