SENATE RESOLUTION 143--DESIGNATING MAY 15, 2009, AS ``NATIONAL MPS AWARENESS DAY''; Congressional Record Vol. 155, No. 72
(Senate - May 12, 2009)

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                            AWARENESS DAY''

  Mr. GRAHAM (for himself, Mr. Feingold, Mrs. Murray, Mrs. Feinstein, 
Mr. Conrad, Mr. Burr, Mr. Dorgan, Mr. Chambliss, Ms. Murkowski, and Ms. 
Collins) submitted the following resolution; which was considered and 
agreed to:

                              S. Res. 143

       Whereas mucopolysaccharidosis (referred to in this 
     resolution as ``MPS'') is a genetically determined lysosomal 
     storage disease that renders the human body incapable of 
     producing certain enzymes needed to break down complex 
       Whereas complex carbohydrates are then stored in almost 
     every cell in the body and progressively cause damage to such 
       Whereas such cell damage adversely affects the human body 
     by damaging the heart, respiratory system, bones, internal 
     organs, and central nervous system;
       Whereas the cellular damage caused by MPS often results in 
     mental retardation, short stature, corneal damage, joint 
     stiffness, loss of mobility, speech and hearing impairment, 
     heart disease, hyperactivity, chronic respiratory problems, 
     and, most importantly, a drastically shortened life span;
       Whereas the nature of the disease is usually not apparent 
     at birth;
       Whereas, without treatment, the life expectancy of an 
     individual afflicted with MPS begins to decrease at a very 
     early stage in the life of the individual;

[[Page S5378]]

       Whereas recent research developments have resulted in the 
     creation of limited treatments for some MPS diseases;
       Whereas promising advancements in the pursuit of treatments 
     for additional MPS diseases are underway;
       Whereas, despite the creation of newly developed remedies, 
     the blood-brain barrier continues to be a significant 
     impediment to effectively treating the brain, thereby 
     preventing the treatment of many of the symptoms of MPS;
       Whereas treatments for MPS will be greatly enhanced with 
     continued public funding;
       Whereas the quality of life for individuals afflicted with 
     MPS, and the treatments available to them, will be enhanced 
     through the development of early detection techniques and 
     early intervention;
       Whereas treatments and research advancements for MPS are 
     limited by a lack of awareness about MPS diseases;
       Whereas the lack of awareness about MPS diseases extends to 
     those within the medical community;
       Whereas the damage that is caused by MPS makes it a model 
     for the study of many other degenerative genetic diseases;
       Whereas the development of effective therapies and a 
     potential cure for MPS diseases can be accomplished by 
     increased awareness, research, data collection, and 
     information distribution;
       Whereas the Senate is an institution than can raise public 
     awareness about MPS; and
       Whereas the Senate is also an institution that can assist 
     in encouraging and facilitating increased public and private 
     sector research for early diagnosis and treatments of MPS 
     diseases: Now, therefore, be it
       Resolved, That the Senate--
       (1) designates May 15, 2009, as ``National MPS Awareness 
     Day''; and
       (2) supports the goals and ideals of ``National MPS 
     Awareness Day''.