(Extensions of Remarks - February 02, 2010)

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                        COMMISSIONER AND SEALER


                         HON. MICHAEL M. HONDA

                             of california

                    in the house of representatives

                       Tuesday, February 2, 2010

  Mr. HONDA. Madam Speaker, today I rise to honor Greg Van Wassenhove, 
recently retired Agricultural Commissioner and Sealer of the County of 
Santa Clara. Throughout his many years of service, Greg has brought 
knowledge, strength and vitality not only to the agricultural community 
but to the many County departments that he has managed.
  Greg Van Wassenhove graduated from the University of California at 
Santa Barbara with a degree in Biological Sciences in 1973, and in 1974 
started work with the San Mateo County Agricultural Commissioner's 
Office. In 1983, Greg was appointed the Agricultural Commissioner/
Sealer of Weights and Measures for Santa Clara County; and for the past 
25 years, Greg has demonstrated a continuing commitment to pest 
prevention at the state and national levels. Greg has participated in 
numerous advisory committees relating to pest prevention, including the 
Governor's Blue Ribbon Panel on Eradication of Exotic Pests. Greg has 
collaborated with other County Agricultural Commissioners to develop 
common efforts on pest prevention, and has also worked with the 
Statewide County Agricultural Commissioners' Association to establish 
ongoing funding to prevent the introduction of invasive species and to 
control and eradicate pest populations once they were established. Greg 
has successfully contributed to the eradication of the Mediterranean 
fruit fly from San Mateo County and, on three occasions, in Santa Clara 
  For the past 35 years, Greg has dedicated himself to providing 
exceptional public services that promote and protect the agricultural 
industry of the State as well as consumers. He has worked in two urban 
counties where the control and prevention of invasive species 
introduction is critical to the local agricultural economy and the rest 
of the state. His cooperative efforts with industry as well as with all 
levels of federal, state and local government, including the 
development of an excellent working relationship with USDA, CDFA, and 
Congressional and State representatives, promoted programs that 
involved the prevention

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and control of invasive species. As an expert in the field of pest 
prevention, Greg's efforts helped lead to the development of the 
California High Risk Pest Exclusion Program and the Pest and Disease 
Management Section of the 2007 Farm Bill.
  Greg has also led Santa Clara County's efforts to advocate for and 
protect its residents through his position as the County's Sealer of 
Weights and Measures, where Greg has enforced the laws which ensure 
that consumers are treated honestly and businesses are held 
  Finally, Greg has accepted any challenge presented to him. In 
addition to his other duties, Greg oversaw such diverse divisions of 
County government as Animal Control, Vector Control, Integrated Waste 
Management, Environmental Health, Fire Marshall and Weed Abatement.
  It is with great respect for, and in admiration of, Greg Van 
Wassenhove that I stand in honor today. His many years of service to 
the residents of Santa Clara County, the agricultural community, and 
the State of California are greatly appreciated and his legacy will 
benefit us for many years to come.