(Extensions of Remarks - October 13, 2011)

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                   A TRIBUTE TO MARY ``MITZI'' PERDUE


                          HON. EDOLPHUS TOWNS-

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                       Thursday, October 13, 2011

  Mr. TOWNS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute and to honor Mary 
``Mitzi'' Perdue for her tremendous generosity to personal charities 
and organizations.
  Ms. Perdue was born into a life of privilege, being the daughter of 
Sheraton Hotel founder Ernest Henderson. With her privileged life, she 
decided to dedicate herself to public service and philanthropic causes. 
At a young age her parents instilled a sense of giving that carried 
with her throughout her life. One of her life mottos is, ``It's the 
givers of the world who are the happiest''.
  Ms. Perdue pursued an education at Harvard. Upon graduation she began 
a career in communications writing a syndicated column on the 
environment, first for Capitol News in California and then for Scripps 
Howard, nationally. At its peak, ``The Environment and You'' went to 
420 newspapers, and the total number of columns was more than 1100. The 
articles focused mainly on how individuals could protect the 
environment, but they also encouraged students to study science, so 
they could play a role in saving the planet.
  Ms. Perdue also wrote more than 250 columns on charities for my local 
paper and occasionally for national magazines. The columns and articles 
provided recognition to the charities and let readers know about each 
charity's needs and services. Many of the charities couldn't afford a 
professional writer, and yet they needed to communicate with their 
  Ms. Perdue understands the importance of her philanthropic activities 
that if philanthropies don't develop strong bonds with their donors and 
volunteers, their supporters may, over time, drift away. To this extent 
she donates the location, the food, the beverages, the decorations, and 
the wait staff for parties of between 10-110 guests. In the last four 
years, Ms. Perdue has entertained close to 4500 people at her home. 
Ninety-five percent of these events have been charity-related, but some 
have also been book parties, since, as a (soon-to-be-former) 
Commissioner of the National Commission on Libraries and Information 
Science, she loves the idea of encouraging authors.
  Another charitable interest of hers is supporting veterans. In the 
past, Perdue Farms won the nation-wide Pro Patria Award largely because 
her and her husband wrote personalized monthly letters to overseas 
  In her life, Ms. Perdue lives by one quote by Aristotle, ``the only 
true success in life is to find yourself in service to the community''. 
Mr. Speaker, I would like to recognize Ms. Mary ``Mitzi'' Perdue for 
her dedicated public service and charitable giving.