(Extensions of Remarks - June 20, 2012)

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[Extensions of Remarks]
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                       SENATE COMMITTEE MEETINGS

  Title IV of Senate Resolution 4, agreed to by the Senate on February 
4, 1977, calls for establishment of a system for a computerized 
schedule of all meetings and hearings of Senate committees, 
subcommittees, joint committees, and committees of conference. This 
title requires all such committees to notify the Office of the Senate 
Daily Digest--designated by the Rules Committee--of the time, place, 
and purpose of the meetings, when scheduled, and any cancellations or 
changes in the meetings as they occur.
  As an additional procedure along with the computerization of this 
information, the Office of the Senate Daily Digest will prepare this 
information for printing in the Extensions of Remarks section of the 
Congressional Record on Monday and Wednesday of each week.
  Meetings scheduled for Thursday, June 21, 2012 may be found in the 
Daily Digest of today's Record.

                           MEETINGS SCHEDULED

                                JUNE 26
     10 a.m.
       Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs
         To hold hearings to examine empowering and protecting 
           servicemembers, veterans and their families in the 
           consumer financial marketplace, focusing on a status 
                                                            SD 538
         To hold hearings to examine S. 1994, to prohibit 
           deceptive practices in Federal elections.
                                                            SD 226
     2:15 p.m.
       Foreign Relations
         Business meeting to consider S. 1039, to impose sanctions 
           on persons responsible for the detention, abuse, or 
           death of Sergei Magnitsky, for the conspiracy to 
           defraud the Russian Federation of taxes on corporate 
           profits through fraudulent transactions and lawsuits 
           against Hermitage, and for other gross violations of 
           human rights in the Russian Federation.
                                                    S 116, Capitol
     2:30 p.m.
         To hold closed hearings to examine certain intelligence 
                                                            SH 219

                                JUNE 27
     10 a.m.
       Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
         Business meeting to consider pending calendar business.
                                                            SD 342
         To hold hearings to examine certain nominations.
                                                            SD 226
       Veterans' Affairs
         To hold hearings to examine health and benefits 
                                                            SR 418
     10:30 a.m.
       Foreign Relations
         To hold hearings to examine the nomination of Derek J. 
           Mitchell, of Connecticut, to be Ambassador to the Union 
           of Burma, Department of State.
                                                            SD 419
     3 p.m.
       Energy and Natural Resources
       National Parks Subcommittee
         To hold hearings to examine S. 1897, to amend Public Law 
           101 377 to revise the boundaries of the Gettysburg 
           National Military Park to include the Gettysburg Train 
           Station, S. 2158, to establish the Fox-Wisconsin 
           Heritage Parkway National Heritage Area, S. 2229, to 
           authorize the issuance of right-of-way permits for 
           natural gas pipelines in Glacier National Park, S. 
           2267, to reauthorize the Hudson Valley National 
           Heritage Area, S. 2272, to designate a mountain in the 
           State of Alaska as Mount Denali, S. 2273, to designate 
           the Talkeetna Ranger Station in Talkeetna, Alaska, as 
           the Walter Harper Talkeetna Ranger Station, S. 2286, to 
           amend the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act to designate 
           certain segments of the Farmington River and Salmon 
           Brook in the State of Connecticut as components of the 
           National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, S. 2316, to 
           designate the Salt Pond Visitor Center at the Cape Cod 
           National Seashore as the ``Thomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Salt 
           Pond Visitor Center'', S. 2324, to amend the Wild and 
           Scenic Rivers Act to designate a segment of the Neches 
           River in the State of Texas for potential addition to 
           the National Wild and Scenic River System, S. 2372, to 
           authorize pedestrian and motorized vehicular access in 
           Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area, S. 
           3300, to establish the Manhattan Project National 
           Historical Park in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Los Alamos, 
           New Mexico, and Hanford, Washington, and S. 3078, to 
           direct the Secretary of the Interior to install in the 
           area of the World War II Memorial in the District of 
           Columbia a suitable plaque or an inscription with the 
           words that President Franklin D. Roosevelt prayed with 
           the United States on June 6, 1944, the morning of D 
                                                            SD 366

                                JUNE 28
     9:30 a.m.
       Energy and Natural Resources
         To hold hearings to examine innovative non-federal 
           programs for financing energy efficient building 
                                                            SD 366
     10 a.m.
       Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions
         To hold hearings to examine creating positive learning 
           environments for all students.
                                              Room to be announced
     2:30 p.m.
         To hold closed hearings to examine certain intelligence 
                                                            SH 219