(House of Representatives - June 26, 2012)

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[Pages H4063-H4064]
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                      PUBLIC BILLS AND RESOLUTIONS

  Under clause 2 of rule XII, public bills and resolutions of the 
following titles were introduced and severally referred, as follows:

           By Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN:
       H.R. 6018. A bill to authorize appropriations for the 
     Department of State for fiscal year 2013, and for other 
     purposes; to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
           By Ms. JACKSON LEE of Texas (for herself, Mr. Smith of 
             Texas, Ms. Norton, Mr. Rangel, Ms. Richardson, Mr. 
             Lewis of Georgia, Ms. Hahn, and Ms. Eddie Bernice 
             Johnson of Texas):
       H.R. 6019. A bill to amend the Omnibus Crime Control and 
     Safe Streets Act of 1968 to enhance the use of Juvenile 
     Accountability Block Grants for programs to prevent and 
     address occurrences of bullying and to reauthorize the 
     Juvenile Accountability Block Grants program; to the 
     Committee on the Judiciary.
           By Mr. CONYERS:
       H.R. 6021. A bill to amend part E of title IV of the Social 
     Security Act to require States to follow certain procedures 
     in placing a child who has been removed from the custody of 
     his or her parents; to the Committee on Ways and Means.
           By Mr. McNERNEY (for himself, Mr. Cardoza, and Mr. 
       H.R. 6022. A bill to amend the Federal Crop Insurance Act 
     to expand coverage under plans of insurance available under 
     such Act to include losses to an insured commodity when, as a 
     result of a federally-imposed quarantine, the commodity must 
     be destroyed, and for other purposes; to the Committee on 
           By Mr. DeFAZIO:
       H.R. 6023. A bill to restrict conflicts of interest on the 
     boards of directors of Federal

[[Page H4064]]

     reserve banks, and for other purposes; to the Committee on 
     Financial Services.
           By Mr. MARKEY (for himself and Mrs. Napolitano):
       H.R. 6024. A bill to authorize development of hydropower 
     and efficiencies at existing Bureau of Reclamation 
     facilities; to the Committee on Natural Resources.
           By Mrs. MILLER of Michigan (for herself and Mr. Flake):
       H.R. 6025. A bill to provide for annual reports on the 
     status of operational control of the international land and 
     maritime borders of the United States and unlawful entries, 
     and for other purposes; to the Committee on Homeland 
     Security, and in addition to the Committee on the Judiciary, 
     for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in 
     each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within 
     the jurisdiction of the committee concerned.
           By Mr. RICHMOND:
       H.R. 6026. A bill to modify the project for navigation, 
     Mississippi River Ship Channel, Gulf of Mexico to Baton 
     Rouge, Louisiana, and for other purposes; to the Committee on 
     Transportation and Infrastructure.
           By Mr. SIRES (for himself, Ms. Hahn, and Mr. Manzullo):
       H.R. 6027. A bill to provide for universal intercountry 
     adoption accreditation standards, and for other purposes; to 
     the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
           By Mr. WALSH of Illinois:
       H.R. 6028. A bill to authorize the Assistant Secretary of 
     Homeland Security (Transportation Security Administration) to 
     modify screening requirements for checked baggage arriving 
     from preclearance airports, and for other purposes; to the 
     Committee on Homeland Security.
           By Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN (for herself, Mr. Hastings of 
             Florida, Mr. Diaz-Balart, Mr. Rivera, Ms. Wasserman 
             Schultz, Ms. Wilson of Florida, Mr. West, and Mr. 
       H. Res. 703. A resolution congratulating the Miami Heat on 
     their 2012 National Basketball Association Championship; to 
     the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.
           By Mr. McDERMOTT (for himself, Ms. Schakowsky, Mr. 
             Rush, Mr. Hinchey, Mr. Grijalva, Ms. Norton, Ms. 
             Speier, Ms. Lee of California, Ms. McCollum, Mr. 
             Filner, Mr. Olver, Mr. Berman, Mr. Moran, Ms. Moore, 
             Mr. Cohen, Mr. Schock, Mr. Jackson of Illinois, and 
             Mr. McGovern):
       H. Res. 704. A resolution commending Rotary International 
     and others for their efforts to prevent and eradicate polio; 
     to the Committee on Foreign Affairs.
           By Mr. BILBRAY (for himself, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Jones, Mr. 
             Posey, Ms. Jenkins, Mr. Fortenberry, Mr. Coble, Mr. 
             Filner, Mr. Schilling, Mr. McCotter, Ms. Kaptur, Mr. 
             Wolf, Mr. Ryan of Ohio, and Mr. Loebsack):
       H. Res. 705. A resolution expressing support for the 
     designation of a ``Buy American Week''; to the Committee on 
     Energy and Commerce.
           By Mr. ISSA:
       H. Res. 706. A resolution authorizing the Committee on 
     Oversight and Government Reform to initiate or intervene in 
     judicial proceedings to enforce certain subpoenas; to the 
     Committee on Rules.
           By Mr. LARSON of Connecticut:
       H. Res. 707. A resolution electing Members to certain 
     standing committees of the House of Representatives; 
     considered and agreed to.