(Senate - June 26, 2012)

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                       BRINGING JUSTICE TO UGANDA

  Mr. COONS. Mr. President, the war crimes of Joseph Kony and the 
Lord's Resistance Army, LRA, are well documented. For two decades, they 
have terrorized Uganda and its neighbors in central Africa, tearing 
apart families and demolishing whole villages. Their war crimes are 
unspeakable, and Joseph Kony and other leaders of the LRA must be held 
  As chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on African 
Affairs, I partnered with Senator Jim Inhofe to introduce S. Res. 402, 
a bipartisan resolution condemning the crimes against humanity 
committed by Joseph Kony and the LRA, supporting ongoing international 
efforts to remove Kony from the battlefield, and calling for the United 
States to continue to enhance its mobility, intelligence, and 
logistical support of regional forces protecting civilians and pursuing 
the LRA.
  The most important thing about this resolution is not that it has 
earned the support of 46 Senators of both political parties nearly half 
the Senate. What is most important is that this resolution has earned 
the support of 215 citizen cosponsors, individual Americans who felt 
compelled to speak out against Joseph Kony and stand with the President 
and the international community in their work to bring Kony and his top 
lieutenants to justice.
  In an unprecedented wave of grassroots engagement, thousands of young 
Americans were inspired to take action by a powerful video released 
earlier this year by Invisible Children, a California-based nonprofit 
organization. This video was viewed more than 100 million times in just 
under a week, making it the most viral video in history. Yet young 
people all over this country did more than just watch they took action. 
They called and wrote their elected officials, they posted on Facebook 
and Twitter, and their voices were heard.
  Although many of us in the Senate have been working on issues related 
to Joseph Kony and the LRA for years, hearing directly from so many of 
our constituents has renewed our focus and our commitment. It has been 
decades since we have seen such intense engagement from young Americans 
on a humanitarian situation in Africa, making this a critical moment to 
recognize and sustain.
  Mr. President, I ask that the Congressional Record reflect the names 
of each of the 215 Americans who have signed on to S. Res. 402 as 
citizen cosponsors and thank each of them for standing with members of 
Congress, the President, and the international community as we work 
toward bringing Joseph Kony and his top commanders to justice.
  List of names: The List follows:
  Eugene Kim, Diane Delaney, Richard Behenna, Joann O'Reilly, Wanda 
Miller, Michelle Comfort, Rachel Breaux, Kourtney Harper, Daimian Dunn, 
Mary Claire Smith, Shea Grubbs, Tamara Kaiser, Shannon Wheeler, Sheila 
Janca, Laura Cordovano, Kenny Allen, Maureen Strazdus, Karen Gillis, 
Katie Nuber, Alex Gernert, Lucas Chizek, Susan Tuberville, Danielle 
Neuman, Greg Simpson, Lindsey Williams, Cydnie Daniel, Jan Carr, Sarah 
Langlois, Christine Turo-Shields, Heidi Nelson, Erin Kenna, Spenser 
Hooks, Emily Gneiser, John Parkhurst, Paul Claus, Diane Adams, Lindsay 
Katai, Andrew Towarnicky, Phillip Teel, Debra Niederschulte, Elana 
Katz, Priscilla Brown, Rachel Whisenant, Austin Martino, Cheree Miller, 
Briana Arensberg, Tiffany Luu, Mike Boucher, Abigail Rings, Nicholas 
Blake, Melanie Lopez, Emily Poley, Mary Louise Bannerman, Leah Schult, 
Sandi Jean, Stephanie Carroll, Gwyn Seltzer, Lillian Grace Walton, 
Jayme Collings, Angus Dupee, Karl Nielsen, G. Morgan Timmis, 
Christopher Walton, Andrya Ryan, Laura Vandivort, Mary Ann Mastrolillo, 
Lena Dupee, Nikkolette Dykstra, Anna Kuralt-Fenton, Paige Weber, 
Zachary Landrum, Kathy Stracke, Sara Schlussler, Carol Gernert, 
Emmanuel Ojobaro, Jessica Lapsley, Kara Sewall, Autumn Nyagaya, Daniel 
Sherier, Amber Gonzalez, Alice Jo Cargo, Jane Ziegler, Jane Coufal, 
Nicola Archibald, Victor Pulido-Rojas, Bailey Cox, Kevin Weidert, 
Nicole Tacker, William Mattheis, Jessica Nicholson, Connor Regan, Susan 
Bjelajac, Nicole Munger, Dave Stracke, Spencer Dove, Lynette Heinz, 
Adam Webb, Hillary Granier, Patricia Camacho, Janine Kramer, Tracy 
Frank, Ricky Hankies, Michelle Benzenhoefer, Susan Pullen, Sadie Stone, 
Dawn Hendrickson, Terie Fightmaster, Vickie Myers, Marcel Adams, Alicia 
McClain, Claire Whillans, Jordan Garrett, Sierra Stahl, Pedro 
Manancero, Andrea Timberlake, Jessie Garrett, Brynn Doherty, Brittany 
Dunn, C. Reid Johnson, Angela Underwood, Kate Haselhoff, Rebecca Dale, 
Grace Rogers, Allana Alexander, Andrew Stanek, Kevin Febus, Amy 
Gernert, Melissa Franklin, Erik Nielsen, Tyler McDaniel, Stephen 
Mulrine, Wendy Atkins, Samantha Foster, Dean Ober, Jade Thiraswas, 
Danielle Discepoli, Carolyn Hunter, Andrea Forney, Brenna Garman, Emily 
Dimaio, Christopher Kleinsmith, Andrew Bruner, Michele Widd-Williams,

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Mary Thomas, Lisa Dougan, Alejandra Rios-Gutierrez, Elena Adlon Place, 
Peter Moosman, Kaylee Galvez, Nicole Eneff, Annette Hearing, Nathan 
Keller, Eva Posner, Latrisha McGhee, Christina Harrington, Joshua 
Hampton, Noah Eckstein, D.J. Morgan, Maryanne Rieder, Katherine Sasser, 
Jaclyn Licht, Robin Uribe, Jonathan Main, Ian Koski, Kaitlyn Scott, 
Brett Stauner, Dawn La Bounty, Deepan Rajaratnam, Sarah Henn, Jaquelyn 
Musselman, Charles Coats, Vanessa Walters, Chelsie Asher, Daniel 
Underwood, Chandler Kemp, Matthew Bowen, Margo Cowan, Joseph Denny, 
Harrison McIntosh, Drew McKinnie, Jesse Jimenez, Nancy Floeter, 
Kimberleigh Allen, Jamie McKay, Amos Allen, Toni Glaess, Shayleen 
Kurtz, Matthew Gaby, Lucas Neuman, Danny Couto, Kathleen Barnett, Debra 
Zens, Micah Aumen, Sarah Lake, Maxim Gantman, Jonathan Rakofsky, Noelle 
Quanci, Jordan Green, Neil-Brian Samen, Annamarie Reese, Jeffrey Man, 
Willard Williams, Tammy Brown, Noor Tozy, Daniel Smith, Grace Bennett, 
James Daley, Akshay Chalana, Leisa Thompson, Carol Maynard, Casey 
Gordon, Christopher Hays, Earnest Miller, Carol Lee Saffioti-Hughes, 
Alan Solinger, Carol Solinger, Peter Russell, Michael Reed, Zachary 
Patten, Dustin Davis.