(House of Representatives - November 16, 2012)

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                               FARM BILL

  (Mr. WALZ of Minnesota asked and was given permission to address the 
House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. WALZ of Minnesota. Madam Speaker, I, too, echo the sentiments of 
my friend from New England. Those of us on the Great Plains out in 
Minnesota ask to pass a farm bill also.
  The American people spoke last week and they were very clear. I 
didn't run into a single voter--and I don't know if you did, Madam 
Speaker--who said: What I want you guys to do is mess around some more, 
not do anything, and kick the can down the road; that's what we really 
enjoy. What they said was: Compromise, get something done, give us 
stability, and move forward.
  As my colleague said, 6 months ago the Senate passed a bipartisan 
farm bill. They couldn't agree today was Friday in the Senate, and they 
passed a farm bill. We passed it out of the Ag Committee, 35-11. We 
have now sat and waited for 4 months to have a chance to vote ``yes'' 
for stability in rural America, ``yes'' for rural communities, ``yes'' 
for stable food prices, ``yes'' for

[[Page H6401]]

support for drought-stricken farmers, or to sit here and do more of the 
gridlock, more of the do nothing.
  When they spoke last week, they were very clear. They were not saying 
we're all for Democrats, we're all for Republicans. They said we're all 
for this country doing its business and moving forward.
  I encourage our colleagues, get a farm bill on the floor, pass it, 
move on.