(Extensions of Remarks - September 13, 2012)

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[Extensions of Remarks]
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                          HON. SPENCER BACHUS

                               of alabama

                    in the house of representatives

                      Thursday, September 13, 2012

  Mr. BACHUS. Mr. Speaker, Members of Congress are always far more 
effective when they find loyal, dedicated staff to fight alongside 
them. These essential employees provide us with invaluable political 
advice, propose policy solutions to the problems facing our nation, and 
often work around the clock to accomplish the most important tasks. One 
of the staff members on the Financial Services Committee, Michael 
Borden, has been a valuable asset since he joined us back in 2007. 
Unfortunately, today is Michael's last day with the Committee; however, 
his distinguished record of public service will continue to benefit the 
American people long after he leaves Capitol Hill.
  Back in the fall of 2008, the Federal government took unprecedented 
action to respond to the economic crisis. During this time, Michael 
provided sound advice to Members of the Committee and kept all of us 
informed under fast changing circumstances. This was an unprecedented 
time and Michael was here on weekends and late into the night to help 
Members prepare for the debate and understand the consequences of their 
  Michael has a passion for ensuring the right policy is achieved. His 
commitment and expertise are unmatched on many key issues. On an issue 
dear to me--shielding children from the scourge of Internet gambling, 
Michael was integral in efforts to ensure that our kids are protected 
from becoming addicted to gambling at an early age. Michael also worked 
to ensure homebuyers are protected during the most important financial 
transaction of their lives with the SAFE Act, which ensures that 
mortgage originators are honest and fair with their customers. Michael 
worked to help Republican Members devise a strategy to wind down Fannie 
Mae and Freddie Mac after they received the biggest taxpayer-funded 
bailout of them all, and to develop legislative solutions to protect 
taxpayers from further losses. While we didn't always have the votes 
for the policy solutions we wanted, I received the sound advice I 
needed from a trusted member of my team, and I will always be grateful 
for his service.
  Michael has been a trusted and valued adviser to both experienced and 
new House Members, and a mentor to countless members of our staff. His 
sound advice, counsel and acerbic sense of humor will be sorely missed. 
He never sugar-coated anything (his blunt nature and his waistline 
wouldn't tolerate it) and always gave us his honest opinion on what 
action we should take, even if it's not what we wanted to hear. There 
is no doubt that American taxpayers, consumers, and other stakeholders 
have been well-served by Michael's commitment to sound public policy.
  It is with appreciation and gratitude that I take this opportunity to 
permanently commemorate Michael's service to our committee Members and 
to our nation.