(House of Representatives - April 17, 2013)

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                               TAX REFORM

  (Mr. DesJARLAIS asked and was given permission to address the House 
for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. DesJARLAIS. Mr. Speaker, this week, many of my constituents filed 
tax returns. Unfortunately, their taxes weren't the only thing that 
they had to pay. Hardworking Americans will spend $168 billion 
completing their taxes under our country's 4-million-word Tax Code.
  America's tax system is broken and simply doesn't meet the needs of 
the 21st century economy. It is time for a simpler, fairer, flatter 
code, one that eliminates special interest loopholes to ensure that 
everyone pays what they owe. But what we don't need is higher taxes.
  The government is already poised to take in record revenues this 
year, yet the President insists on calling for another $1.1 trillion in 
new taxes. Levying more taxes on families and businesses won't create 
jobs and won't lead to economic prosperity. Rather, we need to cut 
spending, balance the budget, and rein in excessive government.
  Comprehensive tax reform is something that the American people 
overwhelmingly support and something that House Republicans remain 
committed to addressing.