(Extensions of Remarks - May 23, 2013)

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[Extensions of Remarks]
[Pages E761-E762]
From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Publishing Office [www.gpo.gov]

                           HONORING EVAN VOSS


                            HON. PETE OLSON

                                of texas

                    in the house of representatives

                         Thursday, May 23, 2013

  Mr. OLSON. Mr. Speaker, I am privileged to interact with some of the 
brightest students in the 22nd Congressional District who serve on my 
Congressional Youth Advisory Council. I have gained much by listening 
to the high school students who are the future of this great nation. 
They provide important insight into the concerns of our younger 
constituents and hopefully get a better sense of the importance of 
being an active participant in the political process. Many of the 
students have written short essays on a variety of topics and I am 
pleased to share these with my House colleagues.
  Evan Voss is a junior at Pearland High School in Brazoria County, 
Texas. His essay topic is: In your opinion, what role should government 
play in our lives?

[[Page E762]]

                           A Social Contract

       At the time when the U.S. government was created, the 
     Framers of the Constitution generally believed that all men, 
     though created equal, were naturally greedy and selfish, and 
     that without proper leadership or guidance, the world would 
     be wrought with anarchy and chaos. The political philosopher.
       Thomas Hobbes best demonstrated the views of western 
     government officials at the time when he wrote that in its 
     natural state, mankind would instigate a ``war of all against 
     all'', where man would live forever in fear of death, a 
     solitary, isolated, and animalistic life. This being said, 
     the only way to protect mankind from itself was through 
     social contract and the creation of governing body. This body 
     would protect its citizens and in return, its citizens would 
     give up several of their natural rights. This was the 
     original function of the federal government.
       This original purpose of the government is the true purpose 
     of the government, that is to say that to keep the social 
     contract established between the governing and the governed 
     valid, the federal government must protect its citizens. This 
     desire to protect, however, has, in recent times, changed the 
     government into an overbearing figure. It has been called 
     ``Big Brother'' for a reason, and, although it does fulfill 
     its end of the social contract, it is to the degradation of 
     the people. Yes, the people agreed to sacrifice several of 
     their natural liberties to be secure, but now, it seems that 
     instead of protection from themselves, the citizenry of the 
     United States require guard against the United States itself 
     The interference of the government in individual personal 
     affairs has led to growing mistrust among the people towards 
     the very thing that originally protected them.
       To resolve this issue, the government must simply return to 
     its foundation, its core. In doing so, the people will feel 
     that the social contract conceived between themselves and 
     their protector has been honored and is valid. Because, 
     inevitably, a well liked and well perceived national 
     government holds more power than that of one that is thought 
     to be dishonest and a threat to the very lives it is 
     obligated to protect.