(Extensions of Remarks - June 25, 2013)

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[Extensions of Remarks]
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                        HON. GERALD E. CONNOLLY

                              of virginia

                    in the house of representatives

                         Tuesday, June 25, 2013

  Mr. CONNOLLY. Mr. Speaker, earlier this month, residents from across 
the country participated in the One Million Bones demonstration on the 
National Mall to raise awareness about the acts of genocide and mass 
atrocities in Africa and the Middle East. Many of the participants 
visited with their respective Congressional offices, and I am pleased 
to enter into the Congressional Record a statement on behalf of the 
Virginia constituents who met with staff from my office.
   We the House of Representatives resolve that:
   In support of the One Million Bones efforts to raise awareness of 
on-going genocides and mass atrocities in the world today;
   Consistent with the UN's having defined genocide as ``Any of the 
following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a 
national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such: killing 
members of the group; causing serious bodily or mental harm to members 
of the group; deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life, 
calculated to bring about physical destruction in whole or in part; 
imposing measures intended to prevent births within a group; [and] 
forcibly transferring children of the group to another group;''
   In remembrance of the lives lost in past acts of genocide including 
the genocides in Nazi Germany, Rwanda, and Sudan in which:
   The Holocaust was an act of genocide by Nazi Germany to eradicate 
Non-Aryan population during World War II in which 11 million people 
were killed;
   The civil war in Rwanda from April 6, 1994, to July 16, 1994, in 
which acts of genocide were committed by extremist Hutus through the 
militia, the Interhamawe, and the government army against Tutsis, 
moderate Hutus, and the Twa in which over 1 million people were killed;
   The events in Sudan from 2003 to present have involved acts of 
genocide by the Muslim Arab Sudanese against the Muslim black Sudanese 
through the Janjaweed militia and the Sudanese army in which 6 million 
people were killed before 2003 and since then an additional 400,000 
have died.
   Resolved that we--
   1. view all human beings as equals no matter their nationality, 
ethnicity, race, or religion;
   2. recognize these events as genocide and condemn them as such
   3. urge all Members of Congress to condemn those responsible for the 
acts of genocide from occurring;
   4. will continue to work with the One Million Bones project to 
educate all people on the horrors of genocide and to prevent any future 
acts of genocide from occurring
   5. will take action through available means to prevent future acts 
of genocide from occurring.