(House of Representatives - September 26, 2013)

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                           HEALTH CARE COSTS

  (Mr. FORTENBERRY asked and was given permission to address the House 
for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)
  Mr. FORTENBERRY. Mr. Speaker, many Americans are bewildered as to 
what is happening in Washington, and understandably so. But really the 
goal is pretty simple: we do need to keep this government running, 
while also protecting Americans from the harmful effects of the new 
health care law known as ObamaCare.
  Until now, the debate over health care has been largely in the 
abstract, but now many Americans are recognizing just how hurtful this 
is. Mr. Speaker, we need the right type of health care reform, but we 
don't need skyrocketing premiums or plans that erode health care 
  Mr. Speaker, Yvonne just wrote to me from Nebraska. She said that, 
for her family of five, their monthly insurance premiums are going to 
nearly double. She asked: ``How can we call this the Affordable Care 
  Rodney just wrote to me. He's a self-employed truck driver. He told 
me he may have to sell his truck just to afford the insurance.
  Mr. Speaker, since parts of this law have already been delayed, isn't 
it only fair that we delay the entire implementation for at least a 
year, giving us time to create the right type of health care reform, 
one that reduces costs and improves health care outcomes while also 
protecting the vulnerable in our society? That's what Americans