(House of Representatives - October 12, 2013)

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[Page H6559]
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                         OPEN UP THE GOVERNMENT

  (Mr. DOGGETT asked and was given permission to address the House for 
1 minute.)
  Mr. DOGGETT. Mr. Speaker, shutting down this House for the next 2 
days--after shutting down the government--is truly an act of great 
irresponsibility. The threat to the security of our families grows with 
each hour of the government shutdown and with each hour that we 
approach an historic breach of the full faith and credit of the United 
  One economic expert after another tells us that to move into this 
uncharted water and economic calamity, along with the consequences it 
brings to our families--our economy and our standing in the world are 
  We have two ways to avoid this. Any Member can call up the Senate 
resolution to continue operations of the government. Republicans have 
blocked that with a special rule that gives that power only to Eric 
Cantor, the Republican leader.
  You see many Members wearing these stickers, which is the second way. 
It is to sign a petition to open the government. We have done that. We 
have reached almost 200 Members of this House. If only a few 
Republicans will join us, the government will open up.