(House of Representatives - October 12, 2013)

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                           COSTS OF OBAMACARE

  (Mr. BARR asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
  Mr. BARR. Mr. Speaker, the President says ObamaCare should not be 
part of any negotiations to fund the government or raise the debt 
limit. But my constituents in Kentucky recognize the President's health 
care law for what it actually is--a massive increase in Federal 
  Its projected cost has more than doubled since the President 
originally claimed it would reduce the deficit. It will cost American 
taxpayers $2 trillion over the next decade, and its true costs will 
continue to grow.
  ObamaCare was rammed through Congress on a partisan basis through a 
process specifically reserved for budget-related bills. So for anyone 
to suggest that ObamaCare should be left out of budget discussions in 
Washington is both cynical and inconsistent with Congress's ongoing 
responsibility to constantly scrutinize Federal spending.
  After racking up $7 trillion in debt in just 5 years, the President 
stubbornly refuses to negotiate over ObamaCare. But make no mistake, 
Mr. Speaker: Congress would not be doing its job if it ignored 
ObamaCare and its massive costs in the ongoing debate about how to save 
America from bankruptcy.