Daily Digest/Next Meeting of the SENATE + Next Meeting of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES + Other End Matter; Congressional Record Vol. 160, No. 144
(Daily Digest - December 01, 2014)

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[[Page D1064]]


                       Next Meeting of the SENATE
                     10 a.m., Tuesday, December 2 
                             Senate Chamber
Program for Tuesday: Senate will administer the oath of office to 
Senators Schatz and Scott.
  At 10:30 a.m., Senate will vote on confirmation of the nominations of 
Noah Bryson Mamet, of California, to be Ambassador to the Argentine 
Republic, and Colleen Bradley Bell, of California, to be Ambassador to 
Hungary, and on the motions to invoke cloture on the nominations of 
Nani A. Coloretti, of California, to be Deputy Secretary of Department 
of Housing and Urban Development, and Robert S. Adler, of the District 
of Columbia, to be a Commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety 
  At 4 p.m., Senate will vote on confirmation of the nominations of 
Nani A. Coloretti, of California, to be Deputy Secretary of Department 
of Housing and Urban Development, and Robert S. Adler, of the District 
of Columbia, to be a Commissioner of the Consumer Product Safety 
Commission, and on the motion to invoke cloture on the nomination of 
Charlotte A. Burrows, of the District of Columbia, to be a Member of 
the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
  (Senate will recess from 12:30 p.m. until 2:15 p.m. for their 
respective party conferences.)
              Next Meeting of the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
                     10 a.m., Tuesday, December 2 
                             House Chamber
Program for Tuesday: Consideration of the following measures under 
suspension of the rules: 1) H.R. 5714--Pest Management Records 
Modernization Act; 2) H.R. 5739--No Social Security for Nazis Act; 3) 
H.R. 4569--Disclosure Modernization and Simplification Act of 2014, as 
amended; 4) H.R. 4200--SBIC Advisers Relief Act of 2014; 5) H.R. 5471--
To amend the Commodity Exchange Act and the Securities Exchange Act of 
1934 to specify how clearing requirements apply to certain affiliate 
transactions, and for other purposes; 6) H.R. 3240--Regulation D Study 
Act; 7) H.R. 4329--Native American Housing Assistance and Self-
Determination Reauthorization Act of 2014, as amended; 8) H.R. 2790--
Housing Assistance Efficiency Act; 9) H.R. 2366--World War I American 
Veterans Centennial Commemorative Coin Act, as amended; 10) H. Res. 
758--Strongly condemning the actions of the Russian Federation, under 
Vladimir Putin, which has carried out a policy of aggression against 
neighboring countries aimed at political and economic domination, as 
amended; 11) H. Res. 714--Reaffirming the peaceful and collaborative 
resolution of maritime and jurisdictional disputes in the South China 
Sea and the East China Sea as provided for by universally recognized 
principles of international law, and reaffirming the strong support of 
the United States Government for freedom of navigation and other 
internationally lawful uses of sea and airspace in the Asia-Pacific 
region, as amended; and 12) S. 2673--United States-Israel Strategic 
Partnership Act of 2014.

            Extensions of Remarks, as inserted in this issue

     Bentivolio, Kerry L., Mich., E1671, E1678
     Bishop, Sanford D., Jr., Ga., E1668, E1674, E1677
     Calvert, Ken, Calif., E1679, E1681
     Carter, John R., Tex., E1675
     Clarke, Yvette D., N.Y., E1674
     Coffman, Mike, Colo., E1671
     Crowley, Joseph, N.Y., E1680
     DelBene, Suzan K., Wash., E1666
     Denham, Jeff, Calif., E1670, E1677
     Faleomavaega, Eni F.H., American Samoa, E1667, E1669, E1670, 
     E1672, E1673, E1675, E1676, E1678
     Frankel, Lois, Fla., E1672
     Hastings, Alcee L., Fla., E1675
     Holt, Rush, N.J., E1669
     Honda, Michael M., Calif., E1665, E1667
     Hudson, Richard, N.C., E1667
     Huffman, Jared, Calif., E1665, E1666
     King, Steve, Iowa, E1668
     Kingston, Jack, Ga., E1673
     McCollum, Betty, Minn., E1668, E1674, E1678
     Meehan, Patrick, Pa., E1666
     Mica, John L., Fla., E1680
     Miller, Jeff, Fla., E1679
     Nadler, Jerrold, N.Y., E1676
     Norton, Eleanor Holmes, D.C., E1679
     Pascrell, Bill, Jr., N.J., E1672
     Perlmutter, Ed, Colo., E1665, E1666, E1666, E1667, E1668, 
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     Van Hollen, Chris, Md., E1670
     Waxman, Henry A., Calif., E1669