AFFORDABLE CARE ACT; Congressional Record Vol. 160, No. 146
(House of Representatives - December 03, 2014)

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                          AFFORDABLE CARE ACT

  (Ms. ADAMS asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 
minute and to revise and extend her remarks.)
  Ms. ADAMS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of the Affordable 
Care Act. One year after implementing the health care exchanges, the 
number of uninsured in this country has decreased dramatically. North 
Carolina had one of the top five highest enrollments; and in my 
congressional district alone, the number of uninsured has declined by 
14 percent, not to mention the incredible impact this legislation has 
had on the lives of working families.
  Through the Affordable Care Act, 208,000 individuals in my 
congressional district now have access to health insurance. Young 
adults and college students can now stay on their parents' plans until 
age 26, which resulted in nearly 10,000 young adults retaining health 
insurance in my congressional district. Additionally, seniors in my 
district have received Medicare part D prescription drug discounts 
worth $11.1 million, and being a woman is no longer considered a 
preexisting condition.
  The Affordable Care Act has had a dramatic effect on unemployment, 
creating 9.6 million private sector jobs. My congressional district's 
unemployment rate is 13.9 percent. So, for me, this is not only about 
health, but jobs and our economy.
  These tangible benefits cannot be ignored. I urge my colleagues on 
the other side of the aisle to end talks of repeal and, instead, work 
with Democrats to strengthen the law to provide even greater access to 
health insurance. States like North Carolina must reconsider their 
decision to reject the Medicaid expansion. This purely political 
decision has had real effects, leaving half a million North Carolinians 
uninsured. As legislators, we should make the lives of our constituents 
better; and, Mr. Speaker, the Affordable Care Act is making the lives 
of our citizens better.
  So I urge folks in my congressional district and around the country 
to take advantage of the open enrollment period and get insured. There 
are 77 new insurers offering coverage in 2015, and the deadline to sign 
up is February 15, 2015. Let's continue the progress that the 
Affordable Care Act has made and get more people covered.