TRIBUTE TO KUDER, INC.; Congressional Record Vol. 160, No. 77
(Extensions of Remarks - May 21, 2014)

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                         TRIBUTE TO KUDER, INC.


                            HON. TOM LATHAM

                                of iowa

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, May 21, 2014

  Mr. LATHAM. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize and honor Kuder, 
Inc. of Adel, Iowa for being named a 2014 recipient of the President's 
``E'' Award by the United States Department of Commerce.
   On December 5, 1961, the prestigious ``E'' Award program was created 
by President Kennedy through Executive Order to properly recognize 
American citizens and organizations who significantly contribute to 
increasing United States exports. United States exports are a crucial 
part of our economy and support nearly 10 million jobs across the 
   Kuder, Inc. is a growing career and education planning company with 
an increasing focus on evidence-based career guidance overseas. From 
Adel, Iowa, Kuder has acquired multiple government contracts in the 
Middle East and Asia as well as fostering collaboration with private 
organizations and government agencies in Europe, South America, Asia, 
and Africa. In total, Kuder has helped more than 150 million people 
discover their career aspirations. In addition to Kuder, Inc.'s 
national recognition for its outstanding efforts, Kuder was also 
recently selected as the Iowa Small Business Exporter of the Year for 
2014 by the U.S. Small Business Administration for their outstanding 
leadership in our state's business community. It is clear that Iowa's 
own Kuder, Inc. truly represents the spirit of American business and 
the renowned Iowa work ethic.
   Mr. Speaker, the great work done every day by the men and women of 
the Kuder, Inc. provides a crucial service to their community and our 
nation as a whole. I invite my colleagues in the House to join me in 
congratulating Kuder, Inc. for receiving this coveted award and 
thanking them for their invaluable efforts. It is an honor to represent 
the people who comprise this leading organization in the United States 
Congress, and I look forward to many more years of Kuder's innovative 
and positive impact in Iowa.