CYPRUS; Congressional Record Vol. 160, No. 112
(Senate - July 17, 2014)

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  Ms. MIKULSKI. Mr. President, I wish to recognize the 40th anniversary 
of Turkey's invasion of the island of Cyprus. Today, Cyprus remains a 
divided island, with a third of the territory still occupied by Turkish 
  I am proud to stand with the people of Cyprus and call for an 
immediate end to the Turkish occupation of their country. On numerous 
occasions, United Nations resolutions have called for the respect of 
the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Cyprus and for an 
immediate end to the Turkish occupation. The Republic of Cyprus 
continues to demonstrate full commitment to a peaceful process that 
will reunify the island in accordance with these resolutions.
  Over the past year, the Republic of Cyprus has taken significant 
steps to lay the groundwork for peaceful negotiations, including 
proposals that would bring the two sides together to build confidence, 
strengthen ties, and integrate the Turkish-Cypriot community. It is 
clear that the government and people of Cyprus stand ready to make the 
hard decisions needed to achieve peace.
  Continued unrest that threatens the security and stability of the 
region further underscores the importance of supporting the Republic of 
Cyprus. A peaceful agreement that reunifies Cyprus would signal that 
just and fair resolutions can be achieved to end decades long 
confrontations. We must continue to stand with them to fight for a fair 
and responsible agreement--one that safeguards basic freedoms and human 
rights for all Cypriots. During his visit in May of this year, Vice 
President Biden reiterated the need for Cyprus to be reunited.
  The Republic of Cyprus is a strong and trusted friend of the United 
States. I am proud of the strategic partnership we have developed over 
the years. The Government of Cyprus currently hosts the joint mission 
responsible for carrying out the removal and destruction of Syria's 
chemical weapons as well as providing maritime cooperation to 
facilitate the process. The role of Cyprus demonstrates the island's 
important strategic location and critical international engagement 
  I am encouraged by renewed efforts to reach a comprehensive and fair 
solution to reunify Cyprus. I urge the government of Turkey to 
cooperate with negotiations and I applaud the people of Cyprus for 
their steadfast commitment to securing a peaceful and prosperous 
  Mrs. BOXER. Mr. President, I wish to commemorate the 40th anniversary 
of the division of Cyprus, which began on July 20, 1974.
  On July 20, 1974, Turkey began its brutal invasion of the island of 
Cyprus. By August 25, 1974, Turkish forces controlled more than one-
third of the island. To this day, Cyprus remains divided.
  Forty years later, it is long past time for a permanent solution that 
results in a free and unified Cyprus.
  For decades, numerous rounds of negotiations have attempted to 
achieve a settlement. For too long, these efforts have failed to yield 
meaningful progress. However, a new round of talks began in February of 
this year. I am deeply hopeful that these negotiations will result in a 
fair and durable solution for all Cypriots.
  A secure and stable Republic of Cyprus will strengthen the friendship 
and alliance between the United States and Cyprus. This relationship is 
based on our long history and our mutual goals and values, including a 
commitment to democracy, opportunity for all, and human rights.
  Lasting peace in Cyprus will also reinforce Cyprus's role as a force 
for peace, prosperity, and stability in the region.
  That is why we must continue to do everything possible to help Cyprus 
resolve the decades-long illegal occupation of Northern Cyprus by 
  As Vice President Biden said in May during his historic visit to 
Cyprus, ``For the sake of the boys and girls born on this island who 
deserve the possibility that only peace can bring, let's finally make 
hope and history rhyme together.''