SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS; Congressional Record Vol. 161, No. 64
(Senate - April 30, 2015)

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                         SUBMITTED RESOLUTIONS


                        STROKE AWARENESS MONTH''

  Mr. BLUMENTHAL (for himself, Ms. Ayotte, and Mr. Murphy) submitted 
the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on 
Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions:

                              S. Res. 156

       Whereas a stroke, also known as cerebrovascular disease, is 
     an acute neurologic injury that occurs when the blood supply 
     to a part of the brain is interrupted by a clot in the artery 
     or a burst of the artery;
       Whereas a stroke is a medical emergency that can cause 
     permanent neurologic damage or even death if not promptly 
     diagnosed and treated;
       Whereas a stroke occurs in approximately 1 out of every 
     3,500 live births, and 4.6 out of 100,000 children ages 19 
     and under experience a stroke each year;

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       Whereas a stroke can occur before birth;
       Whereas stroke is among the top 12 causes of death for 
     children between the ages of 1 and 14 in the United States;
       Whereas 20 to 40 percent of children who have suffered a 
     stroke die as a result;
       Whereas a stroke recurs within 5 years in 10 percent of 
     children who have had an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke;
       Whereas the death rate for children who experience a stroke 
     before the age of 1 is the highest out of all child age 
       Whereas there are no approved therapies for the treatment 
     of acute stroke in infants and children;
       Whereas approximately 60 percent of infants and children 
     who have a pediatric stroke will have serious, permanent 
     neurological disabilities, including paralysis, seizures, 
     speech and vision problems, and attention, learning, and 
     behavioral difficulties;
       Whereas such disabilities may require ongoing physical 
     therapy and surgeries;
       Whereas the permanent health concerns of and treatments for 
     strokes that occur during childhood and young adulthood have 
     considerable impacts on children, families, and society;
       Whereas more information is necessary regarding the cause, 
     treatment, and prevention of pediatric strokes;
       Whereas medical research is the only means by which the 
     people of the United States can identify and develop 
     effective treatment and prevention strategies for pediatric 
     strokes; and
       Whereas early diagnosis and treatment of pediatric strokes 
     greatly improves the chances that an affected child will 
     recover and not experience a recurrence of a stroke: Now, 
     therefore, be it
       Resolved, That the Senate--
       (1) recognizes May 2015 as ``National Pediatric Stroke 
     Awareness Month'';
       (2) urges the people of the United States to support the 
     efforts, programs, services, and organizations that enhance 
     public awareness of pediatric stroke;
       (3) supports the work of the National Institutes of Health 
     in pursuit of medical progress on pediatric stroke; and
       (4) urges continued coordination and cooperation between 
     the Federal Government, State and local governments, 
     researchers, families, and the public to improve treatments 
     and prognoses for children who suffer from strokes.