(Extensions of Remarks - June 02, 2015)

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                      HON. RODNEY P. FRELINGHUYSEN

                             of new jersey

                    in the house of representatives

                         Tuesday, June 2, 2015

  Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the Township of 
Pequannock as it celebrates its 275th Anniversary.
  On March 24, 1740, Pequannock was proclaimed one of three townships 
in colonial Pequannock County. At this time, Pequannock was one of the 
largest municipalities in the region. Though it is celebrating 275 
years of existence, Pequannock's history extends as far back as the 
1600s when European settlers first arrived to the region. Deriving its 
name from the Lenni Lenape word `Paquettahhuake,' meaning ``cleared 
land ready or being readied for cultivation,'' Pequannock Township has 
embraced the notion of growth and prosperity. The township is home to 
more than 15,000 people and was ranked among the top fifteen places to 
live in New Jersey in 2013.
  Pequannock boasts a rich history and played a key role during the 
Revolutionary War. Both Comte de Rochambeau and George Washington 
utilized the town to house troops during the war. Pequannock is also 
home to the Mandeville Inn, which was built in 1788 and owned by former 
Vice President Garret Hobart. Even after the Revolutionary War, the 
township played an important role in American history. During the Civil 
War, Pequannock functioned as a stop along the Underground Railroad. 
Many runaway slaves stopped at the Giles Mandeville House in their 
pursuit of freedom.
  Today, Pequannock Township is an ideal place to raise a family. Home 
to three elementary schools, one middle school, and its own high 
school, the township understands the importance of education for all of 
its students. Students living in Pequannock learn from wonderful 
educators and have the ability to take advantage of many 
extracurricular activities. For example, students attending the 
Pequannock Valley School presented `Mulan Jr.,' a play based on the 
Disney-hit Mulan.
  In addition to its superb educational programs, Pequannock Township 
offers many recreational facilities that people of all ages may enjoy. 
Boasting three parks, including a dog park, members of the Pequannock 
community have the opportunity to enjoy a leisure stroll or bike-ride. 
One can also enjoy Woodland Lake, where boating and fishing is 
commonplace. Pequannock further takes pride in the Pequannock Township 
Women's Golf League, where over 150 women participate in golf outings 
throughout the year.
  To celebrate 275 years of prosperity and cultivation, Pequannock 
Township plans on hosting several different events. On May 25th, 
Pequannock will hold a parade commending and honoring American veterans 
and their contributions to America's success. This parade will feature 
an additional float devoted to the township's anniversary, and a 
presentation created by the Pequannock Township Historic Commission 
honoring American veterans. In addition to the parade, Pequannock will 
host a street fair, ``hoe-down'' and an open house at Pequannock Valley 
Park. These events will occur throughout the summer season and will 
assuredly make the 275th Anniversary one to remember.
  I commend the people of Pequannock Township for their dedication to 
ensuring that their township remains a wonderful home. Pequannock 
continues to serve as a model community and will undoubtedly continue 
to flourish for years to come.
  Mr. Speaker, I ask you and my colleagues to join me in congratulating 
the Township of Pequannock as it celebrates its 275th Anniversary.